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a gland in which gametes (sex cells) are produced

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The relationship of the oxidant (MDA) and antioxidant (GSH-Px) status in hepatopancreas, gonad and muscle tissues of sexually maturating A.
The fact that several oocyte developmental stages had been found in a single female's gonads (early maturation, ripe and spent) indicates typical gonad development of multiple spawning species.
Because of its effects on gametogenesis and steroidogenesis, Cd is detrimental to both male and female gonads in adults.
At this period of development, the gonads are devoid of cells that will become gametes.
The position of the gonads was considered to be within the scrotal sac below the pubic arch which is readily visible on a plain pelvic radiograph.
Streak gonads were defined as those composed of an ovarian-type stroma with sclerohyaline nodules.
Unfortunately for the contestant, gonads could not be accepted - as it is not listed in the Oxford English Dictionary.
Since the early 1960s, scientists have observed some shocking mutations in wildlife - hermaphroditic seagulls with both male and female sex organs, eagles with crossed beaks, panthers born with undescended testicles, alligators with shriveled penises (see Currents, January/February 1996), and fish gonads which aren't distinctly male or female.
Evaluation of effects in fish gonads (germinal cells and supportive tissue).
1994) with the purpose of obtaining thin (2-[micro]m) cross sections, with the following modifications: the gonads were fixed in 2% glutaraldchyde in phosphate buffer (0.
Male gonads (testes) don't have as large of seasonal weight swings, and might grow to 3 or 4 percent of body weight.
In this study, fry and juvenile carp were exposed to LET at environmentally relevant concentrations (0, 5, 25, 125, 625 ug/L) for 130 or 15 days to investigate the expression of the upstream genes associated with sex development in the brain and gonads as well as their histological changes.
Given the above, the objective of the present work was to document the unusual castration caused by sporocysts and to determine the prevalence and infection density of parasites in the gonads of the venerid clam M.
Gonads, liver, kidney and gills are target organs for metals accumulation since they are metabolically actives accumulating metals sometimes in high levels [37].