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ABSTRACT: Effects of daidzein on expression of mRNAs of gonadotropin receptors (FSHR, LHR) and P450 aromatase (P450arom) were evaluated in ovarian follicles of white silky fowls.
Cross-reaction with luteinizing hormone R-core is responsible for the age-dependent increase of immunoreactive [beta]-core fragment of human chorionic gonadotropin in women with nonmalignant conditions.
Other scientists had reported that when sugars are experimentally removed from purified FSH in the laboratory, the gonadotropin still binds to its receptors on gonadal cells but loses its bioactivity: It no longer stimulates estrogen production, for example.
All these changes in GSI and sperm parameters suggested that GnRH-BSA immunization could have directly suppressed the activities of gonadotropins and testosterone through hypothalamo-hypophysial-gonadal axis or might have indirectly affected the testicular tissue.
BRAVELLE, like all gonadotropins, is a potent substance capable of causing mild to severe reactions, including OHSS (overall incidence of 6.
This study provides the infertility community with more clinically relevant information than ever before to help physicians understand the physiological differences that result from treatment with human menopausal gonadotropin (hMG), which contains both follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) and luteinizing hormone (LH) activity, versus recombinant FSH only.
If needed, FSH injections continued until a follicle greater than 18 mm was observed and the patient received 10,000 U of human chorionic gonadotropin.
GnRHa treatment (Decapeptyl[R], DTRP6, Triptoreline[R]; Ipsen/Biotech, Paris, France) to suppress hormone activity during the 2 weeks before gonadotropins were administered to two-thirds of all the patients was implemented, and then depending on the ovarian response, a further 10to 14-day treatment followed.
Other therapies involve the use of gonadotropin hormone releasing agonists with administration regimens ranging from low-dosage daily injections to high-dosage implants or depot injections of 3 to 4-months duration.
MENOPUR(R) is the first and only fertility treatment approved by the FDA on the basis of pregnancy rates; all other currently marketed gonadotropins gained FDA clearance on the basis of oocytes retrieved.
Biljan's previous work in this area has shown that, even in good responders to gonadotropins, letrozole used in combination with gonadotropins can reduce gonadotropin requirements by up to 50%.
Although creatinine correction is widely used, in our experience the concentrations of gonadotropins are not directly correlated to creatinine in very dilute or concentrated urines X16], and better ways of normalizing urine concentrations of protein hormones in urine need to be developed.
In particular, the age-related increase in the release of gonadotropins is viewed as a potentially important mechanism of aging rather than a mere secondary consequence of reduced output of gonadal hormones.
This treatment is much less expensive with few risks, and offers a reasonable alternative for these patients before moving on to gonadotropins," Dr.
When high doses of levonorgestrel ire used as with Plan B, there seems to be no need to add ethinyl estradiol as in the Yuzpe regimen to further suppress gonadotropins, noted Dr.