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a hill near Jerusalem where Jesus was crucified

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Finally, the work concludes with a quasi-mystical meditation on the significance of the teaching of Jesus in the light of Golgotha.
We must not allow the bad past to repeat itself and our destiny to turn into Golgotha.
I was extremely disappointed to see the March front cover caption describing the Church of the Holy Sepulchre as the place "where Jesus' body was placed before his resurrection" and to realize that the author missed what, to me, are the most precious places in the entire world: Golgotha, the place of the skull where Jesus was crucified, and the nearby Garden Tomb, the Protestant site, discovered in 1883 by the British officer Gen.
One side, led by the traditional order's vicar general Father Michael Mary, have remained at the Golgotha Monastery on the island.
It purports to reveal secret words spoken to Judas by Jesus just days before Jesus celebrated the Passover with His disciples in Jerusalem, thereby setting in motion events that would culminate on a cross on the lonely hill called Golgotha.
In other words, the long journey to Jerusalem, and finally to the cross, is not what it may have seemed to the faithful who initially went home from Golgotha beating their breasts.
Sadly the best of Beal's picks is now defunct: The Golgotha Fun Park mini-golf course in Kentucky.
Hauled before Pilate (Shopov), the Roman Governor of Palestine, Jesus is first flagellated then commanded to carry a cross through the streets of Jerusalem to Golgotha hill where he will be crucified for his alleged crimes.
But his road to Golgotha is most notably strewn with the blood and guts of what it was like to be put to death by the vilest of methods.
The monks of Golgotha Monastery moved to the desolate island of Papa Stronsay, Orkney, in 1999.
At night especially, it is as if the space of the city has been replaced, it has become like the space of Gethsemane or Golgotha or Jerusalem or whatever name we might give to the location of suffering for love's sake.
Lucas three florists before he found one willing to fashion a crown of thorns for a 10-foot cross draped in black outside First Baptist Church in Woodland Hills on Good Friday, the day when Jesus was nailed to a cross of wood beneath a brooding cloud on Golgotha, place of the skull.
For the meaning of Golgotha is to be found not in the idealization of martyrdom and suffering, but in triumph, resurrection, and the overcoming of suffering.
Provoked by the migrant crisis Golgotha, Dimitar Culev in Utrinski vesnik comments that they flee from wars, violence, poverty and hunger, and in the Old Continent they have been facing walls which disregard humanity, liberty and democracy, the right to asylum and the right to safe life.
Now, when everything in connection to the ethnic Albanian Golgotha came to the surface, ethnic Albanian politics does everything to shift the blame on someone else.