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a hill near Jerusalem where Jesus was crucified

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"Even if our long-suffering Golgotha CiCidisappoints us, the determination to fight for the resurrection and well-being of our homeland makes us even more stubborn," he said.
The "substance of things hoped for" (Hebrews 11:1) is not a spacious apartment at the top of a Golgotha of stairs but the recognition of the good of God.
A fine layer of snow covered Golgotha, and winter coats appeared in the Old City.
class="MsoNormalThey have been spotted, both during the day and at night, in Mtopanga, Vikwatani, Ng'ombeni Kajiweni, Mshomoroni, Kadongo, Chembani, Sungu Sungu and New Hope Primary School at an operation base called Golgotha. The group comprises of adults, unlike other groups that are operated by juveniles.
The Chapel of Saint Rozalia stands for Herod's Palace, the Chapel of Saint Frantiscaronek Xaverskyacute represents Antonia Fortress and the Chapel of Saint Cross stands for Golgotha and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.
At the bottom part of the cross is a faded gilding of a skull, the symbol of Golgotha.
They were remembering the first Good Friday when Jesus was forced to carry his cross to Golgotha before being crucified.
According to four Gospels of Matthew, John, Luke and Mark, Jesus carried His cross to the site of execution, called the 'place of the Skull', or 'Golgotha' in Hebrew and in Latin 'Calvary'.
The Church of the Holy Sepulcher was built in 333 AD by the Roman Emperor Constantine, seven years after his mother, Queen Helena, had marked the location of Golgotha during a visit to the Holy Land.
With The Real Me and the dramatic Golgotha making up the four-song encore it just seemed a little short and left the crowd baying for more.
Writer Eftim Kletnikov comments in Nova Makedonija that the miscellany of the Macedonian situation with the new testament story of the Pilate referendum is clear: in our case everything is prepared for Macedonia to play the role of Jesus and be crucified on Golgotha with its alleged identity and innocence, which crucifiers cannot stand because of the envy they are not like us.
Cornuke, a former police investigator, lays out his case in "Golgotha: Searching for the True Location of Christ's Crucifixion," published by Koinonia House.
Because on either side of the spot where people kneel and pray at the altar, visible through transparent panels, is the very top of the unquarried spur of limestone which makes up the hill that was called, way back in the days of Jesus, Golgotha.
Charles McCarthy, artist and curator of the Lent exhibitions in St Michael's Discoed, installed his white table piece That They May All Be One in Hereford Cathedral, while Chester Cathedral welcomed David Mach's large Golgotha into its 14th-century architecture; and Southwark Cathedral (who had previously exhibited one of Mach's sculptures) showed a selection of works from Peter Burke's 'Earthworks' series.
A case in point is The Plus Sign at Golgotha, 2014, which features three forms, each defined by a distinct palette and type of mark-making: a cluster of marks that hold a central core; marks that undulate like gestures; and marks that disappear because they constitute a form, a plus sign or cross.