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an English breed having a long silky golden coat

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Sandra Corben is preparing Berry, a golden retriever puppy, for advanced guide dog training.
A major positive of golden retrievers is their intense desire to please.
Golden retrievers are only accepted in dark golden, golden and light golden.
They want to enroll about 2,500 Golden Retrievers between the ages of two to seven.
Also, in 2007, Winfrey's golden retriever, Gracie, choked to death on a plastic ball.
The former model wept when she held up a coat made from 42 alsatian puppy skins and a golden retriever rug.
Brad and Carol Ann Mason of Walla Walla accompanied their golden retrievers, Dolly and her daughter Ruby.
Mr Ashworth said: "Of the 1,100 pups we breed every year, most of them are the more usual golden retrievers and labradors.
The company was founded in 2004 by wine industry veterans and technology industry refugees determined to liberate winemaking from its traditional stereotypes of impossible wealth, expansive chateaus and golden retrievers.
The animals selected for guide dog service are usually German shepherds, golden retrievers and Labradors or mixes of those dogs.
Cohen shows and trains Golden Retrievers and horses, and works with the Golden Rescue Society of Colorado.
True is, as you might have guessed, a pooch, one of a stable of golden retrievers owned by Weber and his partner, Nan Bush.
CCI provides people with disabilities and their professional caregivers with specially trained Golden Retrievers and other service dogs free of charge.
Guide dogs have traditionally been German shepherds, golden retrievers or Labrador retrievers, but GDA has recently started raising standard poodles because they are hypo-allergenic, an option for the visually impaired who with allergies to other dog breeds.
Drawing from the Personal Retriever logo that shows a golden retriever pulling a house, on Monday, November 13, a team of golden retrievers hauled one of the White House dog houses onto the floor of the annual National Association of Realtors(R) Conference and Expo in San Francisco.
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