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any of numerous perennials having tuberous roots and long narrow bladelike leaves and usually yellow lily-like flowers that bloom for only a day

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Because women were not allowed to be educated under the strict interpretation of Islamic law introduced by the Taliban, women writers belonging to the Herat Literary Circle set up a group called the Sewing Circles of Herat, which founded the Golden Needle Sewing School.
VCUQatar's Golden Needle Awards for achievers in the fashion design department were presented to -- Kinda Morshed (Best Children's Collection), Dylon Sergei Adonis (Most Outstanding Sophomore), Hisham Dawoud (Best Junior Collection), Maha Ghanim al-Kuwari (Most Outstanding Junior), Dana Masoud (Most Outstanding Senior) and Rabab Abdulla (Most Outstanding Senior Collection).
The fashion show is part of the annual activities of VCUQatar's fashion design programme, to 1 2 The Golden Needle Award winner for Most Outstanding Senior Collection, Rabab Abdulla, with VCU Qatar Fashion Design department chair Sandra Wilkins and W Doha's Clara De Lama.
The new form metasequoia Goldrush would be my choice, with soft golden needles all summer, turning russet in autumn.
Golden Needles, Gold Crab King, a Black from a new varietal with the unmistakable aroma of Ti Kuan Yin, Panyang Congou made from different varietals (including the Big Sprout and Hairy Crab), and Golden Monkey were some the "big" Black teas prepared.
Among the numbers included on the 12-track collection were such favourites as Silver Threads and Golden Needles, Fireball Mail, Cotton Eyed Joe, Highland Mist, Ceili House, and Bonaparte's Retreat.
I would like all the words to the song "Silver Threads and Golden Needles.
Readers wanting more information about this range of gloves should contact Ansell Golden Needles at Brunel Drive, Newark Industrial Estate, Newark, Nottinghamshire, tel:0163 660 5361.
On the strength of their American hit "Silver Threads and Golden Needles," the Springfields were invited to record in Nashville.
Promoted as a British answer to Peter, Paul and Mary, the group had a popular British television show and scored several English hits before breaking through in the United States with a Top 20 single, ``Silver Threads and Golden Needles.
There are 55 tracks on this triple CD box set and as well as the aforementioned hits you'll find Dolly's versions of The Last Thing On My Mind, In The Ghetto, The House Of The Rising Sun, Save The Last Dance For Me, Silver Threads And Golden Needles and Do I Ever Cross Your Mind.
The new group is called Golden Needles and meets at 11:30 a.
lt;/p> <pre> Dusty Springfield Tamsin Carroll Reno Deni Hines Rodney Mitchell Butel Peg Kaye Tuckerman Kay O'Brien Trish Noble Mary O'Brien Alexis Fishman Mr O'Brien Glenn Butcher Pino Donaggio Bobby Fox </pre> <p>Musical numbers: "I Only Want to Be With You," "Goin' Back," "My Old Man's a Dustman," "Dusty Springfield," "Mama's Little Girl," "Little by Little," "Sugartime," "Seven Little Girls Sitting in the Back Seat," "Silver Threads and Golden Needles," "In the Middle of Nowhere," "Io Che Non Vivo (Senza Te)," "Nothing Has Been Proved," "Dancing in the Street," "Wishin' and Hopin,'" "My Generation," "The Look of Love," "Stay Awhile," "Who Can I Turn To?
To woo these Golden Needles in 2001, bold and creative recruiting tactics will be required.
Another sang a tuneless melody with the words "silver threads and golden needles.