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mole of southern Africa having iridescent guard hairs mixed with the underfur

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African golden moles possess almost the exact same adaptation, which provides an evolutionary advantage for digging mammals.
Docofossor, which lived around 160,000,000 years ago, had a skeletal structure and body proportions strikingly similar to the modern-day African golden mole.
Hottentot golden moles (Amblysomus hottentotus) are a group of small, blind, highly specialised mammals commonly found in sub-Saharan Africa.
To investigate in more detail they examined the body measurements of male golden moles.
Their study revealed that male Hottentot golden moles actually have very small penises, ranging from 1.
They the researchers found that penis size varies significantly in male Hottentot golden moles.
Iridescence - a lustrous rainbow-like play of colour caused by differential refraction of light waves - has just been detected in the fur of golden moles.
Another surprising finding of the study is that the golden moles are completely blind, so they cannot even see their gorgeous fur.
For the study, the scientists pulled hairs from specimens of four golden mole species.