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United States cartoonist who drew intricate diagrams of very complicated and impractical contraptions that accomplished little or nothing (1883-1970)

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com/2017/tv/news/the-view-whoopi-goldberg-returning-season-21-1202516176/) Variety , Goldberg will once again serve as moderator of the talk show.
He said Goldberg did this in Bolivia, from which he was expelled for undermining the country's President.
Goldberg was "discovered" doing a one-woman show more than 30 years ago.
The 12 composers are an eclectic bunch--Curtis-Smith, Del Tredici, Bolcom and Foss being the most renowned--who each composed a piece that in some way relates to Bach's Goldberg Aria.
Goldberg's journey through Afghanistan, Pakistan, Egypt, Gaza, and Israel during the period immediately before and after 9/11 provides disturbing insights into the abyss separating Arab and Jew, East and West--if not a clash of civilizations, Goldberg suggests, than a perhaps unbridgeable gulf of empathy and understanding.
So they raised the graduation standards significantly," Goldberg says.
Goldberg was a teacher before she started her political career 23 years ago.
Washington Post TV critic Tom Shales, writing in the journal Electronic Media, called Goldberg a "disgruntled has-been" who couldn't cut it at CBS because of his "disheveled and bleary-eyed" appearance--never mind the seven Emmys he had won for his work in broadcasting.
Significantly, both Just and Julien are more accustomed to the controlled studio environment for making moving-image works than to the vagaries of live performance, but for Goldberg this is all to the good.
Having received a Bachelor of Arts degree in music from New Paltz State College and currently working on a Masters Degree at Queens College, Seth Goldberg is an experienced musician who plays and teaches in the New York City area who draws upon his personal expertise to create a "self taught" instruction manual for aspiring drummers.
Longtime Franchise Tax Board executive officer and CalCPA member Gerald Goldberg will retire Aug.
The proteins are the "master switch," says Alfred Goldberg of Harvard Medical School in Boston, who heads one of the teams.
Whoopi Goldberg will apply her special brand of humor to a line of children's books for Jump at the Sun, an imprint of Hyperion Books for Children, headed for stores in the fall of 2005.
A highly-skilled explicator of early modern writing, Goldberg presents stunning readings of a series of texts now familiar to anyone at all knowledgeable about women's writing of the period.