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Synonyms for gold rush

a sudden happening that brings good fortune (as a sudden opportunity to make money)

a large migration of people to a newly discovered gold field

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This hypothesis is confirmed by the empirical result that suggests that the gold boom experimented in Colombia, has not had a significant positive effect on living standards for the municipalities in our sample.
Fremantle's West End is a rare example of a highly intact port city business district and is particularly notable for its impressive variety of gold boom era buildings," Mr Jacob said.
The latter period is instructive because it provides two distinct subperiods of increased gold investment, interspersed by a sub-period of declining gold prices and slack gold investment demand-- namely, the gold boom of the 1970s brought on by inflationary volatility in fiat money, the Great Moderation in U.
All this was achieved against the background of a gold boom that had seen Western Australia's population rise from around 50,000 in 1890 to 300,000 in 1910.
A restored gold boom district dating from the mid 19th century, it is a pleasure to explore among the relaxed crowds wandering along the wooden boardwalks.
Herman, aware of the mountains of literature, takes a more circumspect approach to the story, sticking close to the trail of the current gold boom he has come to investigate, with only short side trails into the history and politics of the region.
1993: Merseyside was set tostrike it lucky with a black gold boom.
So long as the central banks are sellers it is hard to see how a sustained gold boom can develop - short, perhaps of an all-out banking collapse in Japan, that could give us far gloomier things to ponder.
The search for the elusive precious yellow metal during the Michipicoten gold boom led to the unexpected discovery of iron ore in 1897, again opening up the mining operations in Wawa.
Settled partly due to the 1868 South Pass City gold boom, the town was at the forefront of the women's suffrage movement; local women encouraged territorial representative William H.
State statistics back up talk of another gold boom in Fairbanks.
The struggle for independence after 1640, the effects of the Brazilian gold boom, and the disastrous 1751 earthquake and its aftermath, elicit some of the best writing in the book.
The Geneva-based World Gold Council (WGC) sees a gold boom on the horizon, triggered by a drop in prices and expansion of the re-export markets.
The Casuto gold boom lasted until 1846 and then began to slow down.
Heritage Minister Albert Jacob said the prominent landmark hotel characterised the exuberance and prosperity of the hotel industry during the gold boom.