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In his poem "A Panegyric on the Dean," Swift's Queen of gluttony confines her daughter Cloacine to the outhouse where she gives birth to an impious line of Godesses and Gods including Voluptuous Ease.
But the smart money is going on budding Hollywood godesses Kate Winslet and Helena Bonham-Carter.
Craig Brown would have liked to dismiss a harem of sun-tanned godesses with a nonchalant flick of a wrist.
church and voiced concerns over rituals that invest credibility in the godesses of mythology or other religious traditions.
No Green Godesses will be provided during the strike, leaving 175 firefighters and 20 fire engines for the entire region.
NUNEATON and Bedworth's Green Godesses have had a busy 24 hours attending seven call outs.
SET TO GO: Outdated Army Green Godesses lined up at Altcar this week ready for action; Picture: EDDIE BARFORD
With troops relying on a total of 827 Green Godesses built in the 1950s across the whole of the UK, it is estimated that just 40 will be stationed in Wales.