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French film maker influenced by surrealism

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The book then examines numerous works of Jean-Luc Godard and his collaborators from 1969 to 1977, tracing recurring aesthetic, semiotic, and political themes.
Throughout his long career Godard has been preoccupied with the responsibility of the filmmaker to investigate film as a language system (communicating through sound, image, word, metaphor) and asks the viewer to evaluate how one engages with the social world.
This collection of essays is a thoughtful and generative presentation of the work of Professor Barbara Godard, notably her innovative scholarship in feminist semiotics and translation studies.
The conflation might intend to incite--Godard's sometimes puerile predilection for puns quarrying the apu cached in pudenda--but as the exegetical industry that exists to decode the Histoire(s) knows, Godard is the most intuitive of film historians, his often baffling juxtapositions disclosing revelatory associations among their constituents.
Instead, organizers chose to project Emmanuel Laurent's "Two in the Wave," a documentary that scrutinizes the ups and downs in Truffaut's relationship with Jean-Luc Godard.
The Utopia of Film: Cinema and its Futures in Godard, Kluge and Tahimik
Gordon was the owner of Godard News in Clinton, a retail and news distribution business founded by his father.
PUNK pioneers VIC GODARD AND SUBWAY SECT are making a Teesside return for a Rock Garden Revisited gig.
From Breathless (1960), Le Petit Soldat (The Little Soldier) (1960) to Film Socialisme (2010), some twenty-seven films later, Godard pursues political themes strongly consonant with a Marxist reading, directly addressing the Vietnam war, and themes of consumerism, the commodification of daily life, and alienation of existence in his early work to return to more traditional narratives in the 1980s and 1990s with some films like Prenom Carmen (1984), and Grandeur et decadence (1986) marked by autobiographical fragments.
De tous les genres litteraires dans lesquels Godard aura pulse les
Given his fame and widely acknowledged influence, Jean-Luc Godard reached his eightieth birthday in December 2010 after a year predictably filled with festivals, retrospectives, and similar public events.
In La Chinoise Godard tells the story of a Maoist cell in Paris before the 1968 events, that of five self-appointed citizen soldiers of a revolution yet-to-come.
VIC Godard has forged his own trajectory since emerging from the 100 Club punk scene of 76 where Subway Sect debuted alongside contemporaries The Clash and Sex Pistols.
Godard uses his own work and the cult of personality around his name and style as a metadiscourse, writing himself into the history of postwar Europe.
Richard Brody, who writes about film at the New Yorker and who, quite literally, wrote the book on Jean-Luc Godard, explained to me one afternoon upon returning from the Metropolitan Museum of Art that watching a Godard movie without understanding Godard is like watching a 3-D movie without the 3-D glasses.