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a card game for two players who try to assemble books of cards by asking the opponent for particular cards

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Go Fish Poke Bar, scheduled to open at River Oaks Plaza in early 2018, is a fast-casual poke bowl concept created by Chef Jerome Ito where customers can build their own bowl by selecting from a variety of fresh fish and local, organic ingredients.
Members of the team behind the Go Fish game, left to right, Matthew Knowles, programmer, <B Lynsey Dixon, product manager, Scot McGovern, programmer, Andrew Colquhoun, designer
Jump on-board for "Go Fish!'' Pakachoag Music School's summer musical theater production for young people.
Sajay Moolankodan, Director, Go Fish Entertainment Pvt.
Littlest Pet Shop Go Fish ($5.99) is played like the original Go Fish game, but uses 13 of the Littlest Pet Shop friends, including fishes, monkeys, and rabbits.
Then again, DreamWorks' decision to launch Go Fish was based more on artistic considerations than the bottom line.
Go Fish, a lighter-than-air romantic comedy, represents the $1.98 aesthetic of American filmmaking, which matches nicely with the $1.98 lifestyles of its characters in the Belmont-Sheffield neighborhood of Chicago.
Other outstanding educational products from Birdcage Press include "Wild Cards" (WC1, $4.98) showcasing forty-seven wild mammals of North America; "Go Fish for Wildlife: Mammals" (WL1, $4.98);"Go Fish for Wildlife: Sea Creatures" (WL2, $4.98); "Go Fish for Wildlife: Reptiles and Amphibians" (WL3); "Art Shark!
For a twist on classic card games, Kikkerland Design Inc., New York, N.Y., has revamped the characters in Old Maid, Go Fish, and Crazy 8's.
Go fish! The largest freshwater beach in the United States is on Lake Champlain.
Nobody had seen Go Fish, because [John] Pierson [producers' rep for both Clerks and Go Fish] had kept it really quiet, if I remember correctly.
An ex-girlfriend, played by Go Fish star Guinevere Turner--who's also a writer on The L Word--keeps turning up with other women on her arm.
Films like Go Fish, The Incredibly True Adventures of Two Girls in, Love, and It's in the Water brought satisfying girl-girl love stories to multiplexes everywhere.
Nonetheless, the fledgling auteurs--aided by lots of community support, a hardworking (and mostly female) crew, Go Fish cinematographer Ann T.