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large African antelope having a head with horns like an ox and a long tufted tail

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The success of any GNU depends on why it was enacted, the motivations of parties involved and the mandate of both the mediator and of the GNU itself.
One year it was young Mary's turn to check the gnu and come up with the prediction.
This week, I want a Top 10 inspired by Hawkeye the Gnu. That's furry animal songs from everyone EXCEPT Kilsyth's John McCarroll, who spookily sent in his line-up a week early.
Above are the Canoodling Canoe Gnus with In the Dog House, below right, and Having a Whale of a Time 210714BEAST
"Do ogres say," Si sung on, redder, "no gnus is, Yasser, good gnus?
Norah Sad sung, e.g., a song of animals ("Oh, woe, dark rodeo!") who "slam in a fog": "No Sage Gnus Dash, Aron."
Dias spins gnus? I, dear Camylla, cite Nik: `Oh, Cy spun gnu psychokinetically, MacRae'," Di sung.
The laconic instructions at a sanatorium for gnus and the gnats who gnaw them:
Inexplicably, gnus appear to abhor certain currencies:
Owls may dubiously claim to get "too hot to hoot," but gnus are surely nature's past masters of the lame excuse:
Gnus might well have an especial affinity for German palindromes, inasmuch as many German nouns end in the gnu-philic suffix "-ung" (e.g., Heilung, Zeitung, etc.) In addition, many a German word beginning with "ung-" may introduce a gnu to the brew: (ungeraten = spoiled, undutiful; ungekunstelt = unaffected):
Notwithstanding their general village-idiot innocence, gnus sometimes crop up in evil Sotadic reversals, whose undisplayed reverse halves are always derogatory.
"The GNU debugger is arguably the most powerful debugger in the world and the de facto debugger for all Linux development.
Cygnus is the leading driver of innovations to the GNU source code (including debuggers and compilers) through the company's own development efforts as well as folded-in contributions from the Internet community.
In fact, Cygnus GNUPro development tools feature the industry leading GNU compiler - the toolchain used to build the Linux kernel and the GNU debugger that is backed by 10 years of Cygnus expertise in porting (and maintaining) the GNU technology to more than 125 host/target combinations.