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Synonyms for gnome

a legendary creature resembling a tiny old man

a short pithy saying expressing a general truth

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Their collaboration on Happy Gnome is meant to reflect their positive views on cannabis while showcasing the physical and mental benefits of cannabis with others who appreciate the medication.
Then they'd visit again to see their gnome but now more than half of the gnomes have been destroyed.
More than 40 of the figures from Echills Wood Railway's gnome village were beheaded or smashed last week, devastating volunteers and visitors.
Otherwise the gnomes are embarrassed by people staring at them," Anne said.
In an Asda poll of 2,000, 94% said they would never have a gnome in their garden - though there are an estimated five million out there.
Officers swooped after Joe's neighbour - a former policeman - complained, saying the gnome was causing fear and alarm to his family.
Writing on Facebook, Ms Telehanicova described some of the gnomes as "creepy looking".
I arrived to find rows of little trouserless mooning gnomes - it could have been worse.
This year, he has returned to the German spectacular, which kicked off on Thursday, we were reliably informed, with an even larger shocking stock of malevolent midgets, nauseous gnomes and disgusting dwarves.
Producer Steve Hamilton Shaw said: "Action detective stories need some gnomes to liven them up, I'm sure Arthur Conan Doyle would agree.
Prior to beginning the project, we discovered that gnomes have a very long history dating back to medieval times.
The gnomes were caught on camera by Erfyl Lloyd Davies who said: "It's a little bit of humour when you've stopped at the traffic lights and you look up and see the gnomes.
GARDEN gnomes left their hide-outs to take a trip to Tyneside.
A Gnome's Story, a metaphysical introduction to the world of Gnomes, Faeries, Elves, and Leprechauns.
AN army of garden gnomes will be flying the flag for England during the World Cup finals.