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The WOX members of green algae, Bryophyta, Gnetophyta, Ginkgophyta, and Amborella trichopoda obtained by our query conditions were divided into the ancient clade, and members of intermediate clade and the WUS clade were not observed in nonvascular plants, confirming the ancient and conserved role of the ancient clade.
In your article on Welwitschia mirabilis, you state that "botanists have classified it with conifers." On the contrary, botanists classify it in the phylum Gnetophyta, along with Gnetum and Ephedra, rather than in the phylum Coniferophyta.
Likewise, the plants from Gnetophyta (viz., Welwitschia mirabilis and Gnetum gnemon) code for TAS3 loci belonging to one-tasiARF (NCBI accession number CK744773 and SRR064399.239159) and two-tasiARF (SRR064399.294117 and SRR064399.72564) (Figure 4(b)).
The compound ovulate strobilus typical of conifers also occurs in the Gnetophyta. The bisaccate pollen of many conifers occurs as well in both Paleozoic and Mesozoic seed ferns, and the pycnoxylic wood typical of the group is also found in ginkgos and many fossil groups beginning with the progymnosperms.