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Synonyms for Gnetaceae

plants having small unisexual flowers and fleshy or winged fruit: in some classifications includes the genera Ephedra and Welwitschia as well as genus Gnetum

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These include Araucariaceae, Cycadaceae (cycads), Gnetaceae, and Podocarpaceae.
Gnetum bucholzianum belongs to the gnetaceae family usually with climbing jointed stems (1).
(stem) Gnetaceae: Gnetum nodiflorum Brongniart (stem) Guttiferae: Garcinia madruno (Kunth) Hammel (bark), Vismia amazonica Ewan (stem), Vismia macrophylla Kunth (stem) Hippocrataceae: Hippocratea volubilis L.
Double fertilization in Gnetum gnemon (Gnetaceae): its bearing on the evolution of sexual reproduction within the anthophyte clade.
Forest trees belonging to Pinaceae, Fagaceae, Betulaceae, Nothophagaceae, Fabaceae, Gnetaceae, Leptospermoidae of Myrtaceae, Dipterocarpaceae and Amhersteae of Casalpiniaceae, which form dominant component in boreal, temperate and tropical rain forests, are reported to harbour a great diversity of ECM fungi.
Fruit Ma Kharm Fruit (Pulp) Young leaves GNETACEAE Gnetum gnemon L.
205 Gnetaceae Gnetum ?neglecta 206 Guttiferae Calophyllum macrocarpum 207 Calophyllum sclerophyllum Vesque 208 Calophyllum sp.