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a laminated metamorphic rock similar to granite

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Many gneisses show bands of color that are dark or black against a light gray, pinkish or orange background.
Several positive anomalies are known in the area of Sonda-Uljaste and Assamalla dome-like structures and in the Haljala area, which are associated with sulphide-graphite gneisses (black schists), quartzites, skarned carbonaceous rocks, and pyroxene gneisses.
The Stronie Group is characterised by gneisses with higher density than orthogneisses (G4), it is manifested by small N-S positive anomaly in the Velka Morava valley (to the east of the Kraliky Graben negative anomaly--G9).
It appears the alpine assemblage resulted from minor chemical leaching of the host gneisses during vein mineralization, given the analyses summarized above, the fact that the amount of alpine mineralization is proportional to the degree of alteration, and the general absence of such mineralization at Rossie-type veins hosted solely by Grenville marble or Paleozoic sediments.
The host gneisses of the Tarssartoq dykes contain an older dyke swarm, known as the Inaluk dykes, which were metamorphosed and deformed before intrusion of the Tarssartoq dykes.
The gemstones are closely related to the contact between mafic schists and felsic gneisses and pegmatites.
Above the Lesser Himalaya, there are high-grade gneisses and granitic rocks of the Greater (or Higher) Himalaya.
Migmatization of gneisses is demonstrated by the evolution of significantly striped rocks formed by melanosome abounding in biotite and leucosome consisting of quartz, plagioclase and, to a lesser degree, of potassium spar.
The postorogenic granites and granite gneisses, mainly forming the crust above and around the upthrust blocks, are of nearly upper crust density, thus having only a minor influence on the gravity level.
1322 Ma Pants Lake Intrusion (PLI) comprises several mafic intrusions emplaced into sulphide-bearing metasedimentary gneisses, about 100 km south of the world-class Voisey's Bay Ni-Cu-Co deposit.
Drill targets have been generated through geological mapping and generally consist of areas where artisanal workings have exposed bedrock gold mineralization in sheared, shallow-dipping sections of garnetiferrous, quartzo-feldspathic and biotitic gneisses.
The Chakdara granitic gneisses are the Carboniferous-Permian intrusive body located in the northern most portion of the Indian plate, south of the Main Mantle Thrust(MMT).
The basic petrographic characteristics, physical and mechanical properties of three samples of Archean gneisses of the Kola series from depths of 6.
Al-rich garnet- (Gr), cordierite- (Cor) and sillimanite- (Sil) bearing gneisses and biotite (Bi) gneisses build up 25.