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very small North American and South American warblers

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It is also true that islands are smaller for some species, such as the California Gnatcatcher which needs 20 acres (49ha)/ pair (Atwood, 1992) than they are for horned Lizards where a single acre may contain 320 horned lizards (7-48 ha), or more; (Gerson, 2011; Jennings, 1987; Hager, 1992; McGurty, personal communications).
SAN DIEGO, March 12, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- East El Capitan ridge, a habitat of the threatened California coastal gnatcatcher and home to a golden eagle nesting site, has been preserved and protected thanks to San Diego Gas & Electric(SDG&E) and the United States Forest Service.
Foraging ecology of the California gnatcatcher deduced from fecal samples.
California Gnatcatcher Under the Endangered Species Act, 60 Fed.
The only endangered species that Edelman expects to be affected by the fires is the California gnatcatcher, a bird that has caused developers in San Diego fits because its sensitive habitats cannot be disturbed.
But today, when the supposed interests of "endangered" dung beetles, snail darters, suckers, and gnatcatchers regularly trump those of mere humans, federal employees are not allowed the luxury of normalcy and rationality.
Yet the first analysis of mitochondrial DNA finds nothing distinctive to separate it from the other gnatcatchers in Baja California, reports Robert Zink of the J.
I flush blue-gray gnatcatchers, yellow-rumped warblers, and both golden- and white-crowned sparrows on my way to the beach, where a score of sanderlings chase the waves like sprinters.
On the edge of the project several pairs of California gnatcatchers have been observed.
Historical patterns of vagrancy by Blue-gray Gnatcatchers in New England.
Blue-gray gnatcatchers are one of the smallest hosts of the brown-headed cowbird (Root, 1969; Friedmann et al.
Wildlands is proud to provide a needed alternative in an area most agree is critically important to the continued existence of California gnatcatchers," said Brian Monaghan, Vice President at Wildlands.
Water attracts all kinds of birds, including species that don't normally visit feeders like blue birds, swallows, gnatcatchers and other insect eaters.
WASHINGTON - Beating back opposition from Democrats on issues ranging from atomic bombs to gnatcatchers, the House and Senate on Thursday passed a $400 billion defense bill that pumps money into stealth bombers, unmanned spy planes and other aircraft built and assembled in Southern California.