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a special law-enforcement agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation

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To wit, Blount's entry on e-mail reads, "Call this hyphen fussy if you will, but you wouldn't write Abomb for A-bomb, or opositive for O-positive, or Xray (which looks like the name of a science fiction villain) or fstop or Bgirl or Bside of a record (not that there is any such thing anymore) or Csection, Fword, Gman, Vchip, or Xfactor." On the abbreviation mic, Blount writes, "We need to preserve as much phonetic fiber in English as we can.
SPEEDY win gman Jermaine McGillvary has signed a three-and-a-half year Super League contract with the Giants.
Gman, a DJ on the community station Newstyle Radio 98.7FM, is right to ban "gun-slinging" lyrics from his breakfast show, especially in the present climate.
Kevin Gonza/Angel Negrete 14,16; Gman Velazquez/Ramon Lobo d.
HARDWICK - STEPHEN June 9, 2011, Aged 25 years No more brake bleeds no more tow ins always there to lend a hand - Gman HARDWICK - STEPHEN June 9, 2011, When a loved one becomes a memory, that memory becomes a treasure goodnight god bless Stephen x Uncle Alex & Lynn HARDWICK - STEPHEN June 9, 2011, Silent memories true and tender , just to show we still remember.
Newstyle Radio 98.7FM presenter Gman said he had banned songs with "gun-slinging" lyrics which promoted violence from his breakfast show playlist.