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glyptic art in the form of a symbolic figure carved or incised in relief

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He collaborated with a series of Mayan scribes, also converts, to capture the Mayan glyphs and map them, one-to-one, to the Latin alphabet.
Table 1: Summary of typical YAG "glyph" size in F and C areas and the presence or absence of S areas in the grown samples.
"They are nothing like the Grolier Codex," Houston contends, which displays a sophisticated understanding of both Maya and Toltec artistic styles and glyphs.
Lapses in Thinking By the person i Am, 2015 by Josephine Pride, inset Sic Glyphs at South London Gallery by Michael Dean, inset
<BA view of Michael Dean's installation Sic Glyphs at South London Gallery <BA view of Michael Dean's installation Sic Glyphs at South London Gallery
The stimuli in sets 1 and 2 were comprised of glyphs, which were abstract, black and white block drawings from the Microsoft LineDraw family of fonts found in Microsoft Word 97.
Found patterns become accidental glyphs or pictographic systems, highlighting the simultaneity of seeing and reading, while homemade alphabets fashioned of cinder blocks or cardboard and wood probe the line separating sculpture from the written word.
Wolff tweeted a picture of the alphabet, then--when the demand for a useable version of the font became clear--a quick note asking which of the crowdsourcing platforms would work best to raise a few hundred bucks to turn his drawings into a computer-readable font using the Glyphs app.
Back to those HYDRAsensitive agents, and this week they discover murder victims with alien glyphs written on them.
Skye insisted that the glyphs are connected with the information Ward holds about her father and the GH substance running in their blood.
In order to account for all regional variations, Adobe, in collaboration with Google and foundry partners Changzhou SinoType, Iwata Corp., and Sandoll Communication, designed 65,535 glyphs for each font, the maximum number for the OpenType format.
Translating Maya Hieroglyphs provides a fine step-by-step guide to reading Maya glyphs, and opens with a description of how to break down an ancient Maya text into individual glyphs in the correct reading order, then how to convert a Mayan writing into modern English.
It's a collection of all text characters, known as glyphs. Glyphs include numbers, symbols, and punctuation marks, as well as letters.
Content/Features: Learning activities focus on map games for identifying Central American countries, digging for artifacts using archaeological techniques, identifying artifacts, and understanding the Mayan language through glyphs, the Mayan calendar, the number system, and Mayan daily life.