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Even extremely small amounts of glycoproteins can be tested through our detection system.
In addition to a suite of more than 10 already developed therapeutic glycoproteins, the host platform will be used by Conagen for development of both novel and generic drugs.
Comparison of bovine pregnancy associated glycoproteins (bPAG-serum and milk), bovine pregnancy specific protein B (bPSP-B) tests with each other and with transrectal ultrasonographic findings for early pregnancy diagnosis.
The company added the VOCAL test is a liquid biopsy that combines mass spectrometry and artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze tumour-associated changes in circulating glycoproteins. Glycoproteomics produces an enormous amount of data that takes months to fully analyze and is often difficult to reproduce.
Covalently linked by a disulfide bond, the Kell and XK glycoproteins may conceivably function as a complex.
Here, we have introduced a practical method for mapping and comparing the glycosylation patterns in rAb glycoproteins, in which glycopeptide samples prepared by in-solution or in-gel protein digestion are analyzed by LC-ESI-MS-MS.
This brief review presents a selection of the contributions of our research group to the study of the structure of glycans of glycoproteins to illustrate the large variety in glycan-structure and in possible function.
Many studies have focused on exploring the correlation between polymorphisms of platelet membrane glycoproteins and CAD; but unfortunately there has not been some kind of unified understanding [4-9].
The current study was planned to evaluate the effect of apheresis procedure on platelet's activation dependent glycoproteins' expression on their surface.
The biochip platform has an ability to detect low-abundant glycoproteins in such samples without a need for time and reagent consuming pre-concentration, he said.
BlotGlyco[R] O-Glycan Sample Preparation Kit is perfectly suited for O-glycan analysis of a broad range of biological samples such as purified glycoproteins and crude samples.
Virtually all of the abundant proteins in serum, with the exception of albumin, are A-linked glycoproteins, and the great majority of these are acute-phase proteins that rise or fall in response to acute and chronic inflammatory stimuli (2, 3).
Virion surface glycoproteins are major targets for the host immune system at both the humoral and cellular levels (15,16) and, as such, are particularly involved in this immunological cross-reactivity (17).
"This is absolutely groundbreaking technology; the first in a new family of synthetic glycoproteins successfully created and patented by our scientific team," said CEO Neil Belenkie.
is a US federal employee and an inventor (on pending US patents and Australian patent 2005327194, pertaining to soluble forms of Hendra and Nipah G glycoproteins); patent assignees are the United States government, as represented by the Department of Health and Human Services, and the Henry M.