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a group of compounds derived from monosaccharides

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The difference was found only in the glycone part in which the disaccharide group comprises two rhamnopyranosyl moieties in 1 instead of glucopyranosyl and rhamnopyranosyl moieties as in solamargine [4-5, 20].
Moreover, the erythropoietic function of DBT in inducing hypoxia-inducible factor-1[alpha] (HIF-1[alpha]) was mediated by the AR-flavonoids, and interestingly the aglycone flavonoids showed better efficiency than that of the glycone partners [13].
stated that Pawpaw (Carica papaya) seeds yield 660-760mg (bactericidal a glycone of glucotropaeolin benzyl isothiocyanate), a glycoside, sinigrin, the enzyme myrosin, and carpasemine.
Quercetin is typically found in plants as glycone or carbohydrate conjugates.
Soya (created by removing glycone, a glucose group, from soy) had the highest amount of "estradiol equivalents" (396 pg/mL or 1/80th the potency of estradiol itself), followed by fo-ti (111 pg/mL; 1/300th potency), soy (99 pg/mL; 1/330th potency), red clover (85 pg/mL; 1/400th potency), licorice (20 pg/mL; 1/1,650th potency), and hops (0.2 pg/mL; 1/120,000th potency).
Third, the major isoflavone in soy formula is not genistein, but rather its glycone conjugate, genistin (6).
Glycosides are a compound containing a carbohydrate (glycone) residue attached by an acetyl linkage at carbon atom I to a non-carbohydrate residue (aglycone).
Saponins (sapogenin glycosides) consist of an aglycone unit (sapogenin; a sterol or triterpene) linked to a sugar unit (glycone; one or more carbohydrate chains); they possess surface-active or detergent properties because the carbohydrate portion of the molecule is water-soluble whereas the sapogenin is fat-soluble (28).