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diet prescribed to treat celiac disease

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This patient is not alone with respect to her interest in a gluten-free diet.
The North American gluten-free food market is estimated to record a CAGR of 12.
The bacterial community from the gut tissue of the laboratory-cultured zebrafish was examined in response to gluten and gluten-free diets.
Also, gluten-free corn pasta and rice noodles, as well as biscuits, breads and cakes that are labelled 'gluten-free'.
Restaurants also are expected to comply with this federal regulation for menu items with gluten-free claims.
In an article from the Harvard Health Letter dating back to 2009, concerns over gluten-free products containing a lot of empty calories and fewer nutrients were raised:
Current labelling guidelines state that only oats that test at 20ppm or under can be labelled gluten-free to comply with the EU 828/2014 standard, that stipulates how oats must be specially produced, prepared and processed to avoid contamination by wheat and other gluten containing grains.
In fact, gluten-free foods are critically important for people who have been diagnosed with celiac disease (see June 2014, cover story).
But while they were once only found in Hollywood, health food stores or prescribed by a doctor, gluten-free products are now among the fastest-growing sections in our supermarkets, with many of the biggest brands producing gluten-free varieties of our favourite foods.
The worry is that unless you suffer with coeliac disease or have been advised by a qualified health professional to avoid gluten, there's really no benefit to choosing gluten-free products," explains Bridget.
recalls Daphne Taylor, founder and owner of Namaste Foods LLC, who quit her day job working for the federal government when she discovered people liked the gluten-free foods she made for friends with food allergies.
A gluten-free diet is used as a treatment to relieve symptoms of Celiac Disease.
M2 EQUITYBITES-September 16, 2013-Crumbs Bake Shop to open gluten-free store in October 2013 in New York(C)2013 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
The Food and Drug Administration has finalized regulations intended to define the term "gluten free" on food packaging in an effort to give celiac disease patients and others following the gluten-free diet confidence that the food they buy is safe for them to consume.