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an antidiabetic drug (trade name Glucophage) prescribed to treat type II diabetes

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The company's abbreviated new drug application (ANDA) for metformin hydrochloride extended release tablets in the 500 mg and 750 mg strengths is the generic equivalent for the corresponding strengths of the branded product Glucophage XR sold in the US by Bristol-Myers Squibb.
Until now, Glucophage was imported from Europe to the Middle East, but with the drug being manufactured locally, it reduces the lead time for products to reach the market, reducing supply shortfalls.
Glucophage is taken by diabetes patients, while other medications either out of stock or running low are Concor5 (for high blood pressure and heart conditions), Euthyrox (thyroid problems) and Lipitor (high cholesterol).
Pharmaceutical company Merck Serono said in a statement that Glucophage XR is an advanced formulation of the oral anti-diabetic agent Metformin.
However, metformin, trade name Glucophage, seems to counteract sitagliptin's adverse effect.
I am a diabetic and on Glucotrol, Glucophage, and insulin.
The parties have entered into a settlement and license agreement providing for a onetime payment to Depomed of $Z5 million and a nonexclusive license to the patents in favor of Ivax and Teva to continue marketing generic Glucophage XR in the U.
For example, Rx Essentials for people taking diabetes medications contains vitamin B6, folic acid and vitamin B12, all of which have been shown to be lower in people taking oral medications for diabetes, such as Metformin, Glucophage or Glucovance.
The plant, operating for 36 years, produces Pravachol for heart disease and Glucophage for diabetes.
Anyone taking metformin either as Glucophage or in Glucovance should be asked about whether the prescribing doctor is monitoring serum [B.
PAI-Fx is highly correlated with fasting serum insulin resistance, and Glucophage (metformin) (2.
They filed multiple lawsuits, sought questionable patent extensions and made outright payoffs to generic companies in order to maintain their monopolies on expensive blockbuster drugs like Astra-Zeneca's Prilosec for heartburn and Bristol-Myers Squibb's Glucophage for diabetes.