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German composer of more than 100 operas (1714-1787)

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In the late fall of that year Emil Gluck made a clean sweep of the Atlantic seaboard from Maine to Florida.
And then Silas Bannerman, a secret service agent of the United States, leaped into world-fame by arresting Emil Gluck. At first Bannerman was laughed at, but he had prepared his case well, and in a few weeks the most sceptical were convinced of Emil Gluck's guilt.
Where was Gluck at the time of the destruction along the Atlantic sea-board?
When the Plutonic arrived off Sandy Hook she was boarded by Bannerman from a Government tug, and Emil Gluck was made a prisoner.
However, being in my late sixties (full disclosure), I am grateful for the guidance of poets such as Alicia Ostriker and Louise Gluck, intrepid contemporaries, who prepare the way so insightfully in their most recent books of poetry.
Those professors were contacted because they were or are colleagues of poet Louise Gluck, poet invited by the Friends (of Oligarchy) of the Concord Free Public Library.
THE age of romance is dead in Will Gluck's buddy comedy about two high-school football stars who hit upon a novel way to seduce female classmates: join the cheerleading squad.
So Hunter and the other tenants were understandably concerned when New York real estate tycoon Larry Gluck purchased Riverton Houses for $131 million in late 2005.
VIEL GLUCK is well worthy of each-way support in the 2m3f novice hurdle at Catterick today (3.10) writes Ed Quigley.
Mary Gluck. Popular Bohemia: Modernism and Urban Culture in Nineteenth-Century Paris.
The heart-healthy food producer has appointed Bob Gluck as chief operating officer and Alan Gever as executive vice president and chief financial officer.
By Mary Gluck. (Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press, 2005.
Peskanov has composed each piece in the style of a well-known composer; the collection includes tributes to Beethoven, Bernstein, Bach, Gluck, Mozart and Liszt.
When Mark Morris directs a new production of Gluck's Orfeo ed Euridice at the Metropolitan Opera this May, it will herald a milestone.