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a fluorescence that persists after the bombarding radiation has ceased

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There is an opportunity to win The Glow In The Dark Bed through the Get Laid Beds social media competition (Twitter, Facebook and others) which is open for all entries.
Heijmans asserted that glow in the dark technology was also a sustainable alternative to places where no conventional lighting was present and the concept can be apparently seen on the N329 in Oss, which is approximately 100km south east of Amsterdam.
I didn't realize the power of sound until I attended a show on West's Glow in the Dark tour.
Villa will wear the green kit, which was last season's change strip and spawned the terrace chant 'We're Aston Villa, we glow in the dark.'.
KEEP little hands and minds busy with Jumbo's new ThunderCats Glow in the Dark 100-piece puzzle.
Here's a trick your cat can't do: glow in the dark. Scientists have created cats that glow bright red when they are placed under ultraviolet light, a type of light that can't be seen by humans.
Patented recently is an article to be worn about a wearer including features that glow in the dark, are illuminative, are light emitting, or are reflective.