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a small locker at the stern of a boat or between decks of a ship

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We scaled gagging spires and gutted ourselves Labioratory gone through a gloryhole on Fell
Gloryhole Glassworks, Route 14, Box 227, La Cienega 87505.
I motored the Valiant from AZ to Seattle so I could catch the Gloryholes the first night I was up there, and they tore the place apart even though the show was more subdued than in other places I've seen 'em (or maybe it was the fact that I'd had six hours of sleep in the past 72).
The finale was the ever-tremendous Gloryholes, who flat out stomp and wail harder than 99.
The Epoxies, The Briefs, The Cripples, Midnight Thunder Express, The Mexican Blackbirds, The Popular Shapes, The Gloryholes and others all have songs on this one.