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growth to a global or worldwide scale

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Large protests against global capitalism occurred last week at the IMF-World Bank annual meetings in Prague.
This global capitalism also bears the main feature of less expansive capitalism: While total gains exceed total losses, they fall on people at very unequal rates.
While global capitalism doesn't give a damn about the people or the natural environment of any particular place because it can always move on to other people and other places, place-based civic activism is concerned about the health and safety of people and places.
When this happens, the beneficiaries will claim that they were just pointing out weaknesses (just as they did in 1929) and that currency markets are vital to global commerce and to lubricating the gears of global capitalism that have certainly brought prosperity to people all over the world.
In New York and Paris, global capitalism ruptures from above and beneath its streets in contained bursts as distinct architectural extensions of older identities (ie Battery Park and La Defense).
perceptions of Japan similarly relies on the perceived unity of the state system and global capitalism.
Examines some of our most popular leisure pursuits and consumption habits to uncover the ways they drive and deepen global capitalism
By announcing the type of money to be used between member countries, we will be saved from the adverse effects of global capitalism," Ahmadinejad added.
Although the magnitude of the transatlantic slave trade "is in a class of its own," there were other middle passages in the historical development of global capitalism over the last three centuries (8).
THE beast of global capitalism is baring its teeth in West Belfast leaving workers facing life on the dole.
We are at an important crossroad in global capitalism with many markets, particularly in the West, now dependent on government aid to continue to function," said Capivest executive director of treasury and financial institutions Hasan Habib Hasan.
Just as we were wrong to put our faith in the "ineluctable" march of American forces into Iraq, may we not also be wrong, he asks, to put our faith in the ineluctable march of global capitalism across the world?
In exposing, quite judiciously, the various aspects of, and injustices caused by, the existing pace of global capitalism, however, such literature remains in many cases also vague, inconsequential, overly descriptive, ideologically rigid, and unable to provide rigorous theoretical grounds for understanding the issue.
Opposition to global capitalism was strong leading up to the election, and that translated into a defeat of Uruguay's two traditional parties, the Colorados and Blancos.
Pirates are of course associated with rapacious pillaging motivated by excess and greed--a parallel to our age of global capitalism, "coalitions of the willing," and the blurred boundaries of power between nations and corporations.
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