Global Positioning System

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a navigational system involving satellites and computers that can determine the latitude and longitude of a receiver on Earth by computing the time difference for signals from different satellites to reach the receiver


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The Global Positioning System enables properly equipped users to determine precise time and velocity and worldwide latitude, longitude and altitude to within a few meters.
Department of Defense's Global Positioning System to detect an individual's location while he or she is logged on to a computer or cellular phone.
This technology features a Global Positioning System, and uses a combination of cellular and satellite technology to pinpoint instrumented vehicles virtually anywhere in the United States.
Eyetracker integrates a cellular digital packet data modem with a global positioning system receiver.
JAL has chosen CMC's Global Positioning System (GPS)-based CMA-900 Flight Management System and its CMA-2102 High Gain Satellite Communications Antenna.
They travel around by car, train, plane, and boat, recording their movements with a Global Positioning System device, and their itineraries--when viewed aerially on the map--create line drawings.
Accepts a snap-on digital camera, global positioning system device, modem, keyboard and whatever else they dream up.
Global positioning system (GPS) technology and advanced biosensors are key elements in a new system designed for people with Alzheimer's disease and other cognitive disorders.
Think you can hide from the global positioning system (GPS)--the world's most powerful navigation and homing device?
By interfacing with add-on cards, modems or other accessories, you can use your handheld PDA to surf the Internet, access travel and traffic information, trade stocks, take and store digital pictures or pinpoint your exact location via the Global Positioning System.
TerraSync[TM] software gives Geographic Information System (GIS) professionals the convenience of using their pocket PC or preferred handheld device with a Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver to collect and update data in the field.
Containing a Global Positioning System and Inertial Navigation System, JASSM is capable of aim point detection, tracking and striking.
The brassiere contains a global positioning system, a heart rate monitor, and the components of a cell phone.
The Mississippi Forestry Commission, which provided program funding, recently awarded two paid summer internships to outstanding forestry seniors to work with MARIS personnel and learn GIS and the Trimble Global Positioning System. So far, about 20 children have completed tbe program, with more to come in the next school year.
One volunteer used a Global Positioning System (GPS) instrument to measure remote sites.
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