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Synonyms for glitch

Synonyms for glitch

a fault or defect in a computer program, system, or machine


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"It could be related to the cause of the glitch, but we're honestly not sure," he said adding that he suspects this new paper to inspire some new theories on neutron stars and glitches.
Vela Pulsar was selected as the main subject for the study due to its regular and frequent glitches. According to the scientists, this neutron star is known to glitch once every three years.
These have been fueled by glitches that hit 961 of 85,000 vote counting machines, with 1,665 secure digital or SD cards corrupted.
"Because the seven-hour delay in the transmission of results plus the other glitches raises suspicion that there could have been an effect on the integrity of the system," added the Liberal Party (LP) stalwart.
'The technical glitches that were duly reported and documented, and in some instances, admitted by the Comelec, bring to the fore questions on the machine-generated and transmitted election returns and certificates of canvass.
Rashid said official results in the PKR election in Melaka and Negri Sembilan yesterday have yet to be released because of 'technical glitches'.
In May, Morath threw out 71,000 students' results for the State of Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness and fined Educational Testing Service, the New Jersey company that administered and graded the test, $100,000 for the computer glitches. Morath also has waived promotion requirements tied to STAAR scores for fifth and eighth graders affected by the glitches.
In CMOS designs, power consumption due to the glitches cannot be ignored as the portion of power consumption varies somewhat between 9% and 38% [3].
James Day, director of Hitches & Glitches, commented: "Under the terms of the annual contract, Hitches & Glitches will provide 24/7 home maintenance that includes an onsite rapid response team for all emergencies and, of course, routine callouts, as well as a one-stop shop for any maintenance required by Cayan's residents."
Sources told that hot and muggy weather is overloading the system and causing the technical glitches.
A direct probe of such an effect is thought to come from pulsar glitches, sudden jumps in frequency observed in otherwise spinning down radio pulsars.
& Glitches, gadget distributor Gadgitech ME have formed an exclusive 'smart
When thousands of travelers find themselves stranded: "Computer glitch cancels East Coast flights." When a much-anticipated website launch screeches to a halt: "'s glitches prompt Obama to call in more computer experts." When a casual drugstore purchase racks up an outsize debit statement: "Walgreens' glitch causes two charges."
Price glitches have been in the news this week so I thought I would remind you that I have a price glitch early alert system.
Ironically, the new software was supposed to iron out glitches in the latest iPhone.