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Synonyms for glaze

Synonyms for glaze

a radiant brightness or glow, usually due to light reflected from a smooth surface

to give a gleaming luster to, usually through friction

Synonyms for glaze

any of various thin shiny (savory or sweet) coatings applied to foods

Related Words

a glossy finish on a fabric

a coating for ceramics, metal, etc

coat with a glaze

become glassy or take on a glass-like appearance

Related Words

furnish with glass

coat with something sweet, such as a hard sugar glaze

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These glazy pipes made only in Rajkot are sent to all parts of the country," said Gunvant Shingala, a shopkeeper.
But I love seeing the doughnuts come down the production line, culminating with a trip under a glazy waterfall, and emerging hot and ready to eat.
WHEN Ian Marsden saw a personalised hand-painted wedding plate that had been made by friends,it gave him the idea of setting up a creative activity studio -and last October he opened Glazy Days in Colwyn Bay.
At times they are red, swollen and glazy and at times I suffer from severe headaches when my eyes are inflamed.
Tenders are invited for supply of Glazy Putty-500kgs