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Synonyms for doughnut

a toroidal shape

a small ring-shaped friedcake

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bands decided to head back down to south-west Scotland, word spread faster than a hungry Homer Simpson on a pile of freshly baked glazed doughnuts.
A study found that two areas of the brain leapt into action when hungry volunteers were shown photos of Krispy Kremes, the popular glazed doughnuts from the US.
Louis metropolitan area, said it would continue to sell boxed Krispy Kreme glazed doughnuts alongside its new Dierbergs doughnuts.
In addition, people will receive a Krispy Kreme Doughnuts coupon for an extra dozen glazed doughnuts after buying one dozen.
Quaker's Cap'n Crunch Choco Donuts (mini-chocolate glazed doughnuts with rainbow sprinkles--we kid you not) join the likes of Post Oreo O's and General Mills' Cookie Crisp in, yes, the cereal aisle.
Free radical purists grazing on today's health scene, of course, may not agree that glazed doughnuts and deep-fried shrimp can create a healthy body.
SunMart Foods in MN, ND, NE - Nanaino Bars, Mocha Bars, Peanut Butter Fudge Bars, 8" Square Chocolate Cake, Rocky Road Cake, Snicker(s) Bar Cake, Snicker(s) Torte, Cake Doughnuts with peanuts, Doughnut Rings with peanuts, Glazed Doughnuts with peanuts, Long Johns with peanuts, Office Pack of Assorted Doughnuts, Fudge, Walking Sundaes, Fried Frosted Peanut Topped Rolls, Office Pack of Assorted Rolls, Raised Single Rolls, Sweet Rolls, and After 6 Sweet Rolls.
It's like eating two Starbucks Classic Coffee Cakes or four Krispy Kreme Original Glazed Doughnuts or one (meal-size) Cinnabon Classic Roll.
The coffee bar, which opens on December 12 at 10am, will offer their signature Original Glazed doughnuts along with 15 other doughnut varieties including the delicious new Kreme de la Kreme range, which includes salted caramel, milk chocolate praline fudge cake and white chocolate nougat.
The packs include a dozen football-shaped doughnuts and a dozen original glazed doughnuts.
5 cm in height, included 2,544 of Krispy Kreme's Original Glazed doughnuts.
It's holding tools these days, not glazed doughnuts, but there's no mistaking it if you were around when the Helmsman - along with his pals, the Good Humor man, the milkman and the paperboy - pretty much ruled the streets of this city.
The name was selected because it embraces the affection people have for chocolate and Krispy Kreme's signature Original Glazed doughnuts.
A cup of its Vanilla Almond Bark or Better Pecan has as much fat as three Dunkin' Donuts Glazed Doughnuts.
Customers pay $10 per dozen for original glazed doughnuts and $12 for assorted doughnuts.