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an inhabitant of Glasgow

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Glaswegians are such a friendly lot that it didn't surprise me to learn they are also the most generous tippers, according to a new survey.
She added: "I pitched it around town and nobody was that interested at the beginning - who was this Glaswegian weirdo in a western shirt going on about country music?
The gritty Glaswegian battled back from 9-3 down to end the second session of his best-of-25-frame match with Barry Hawkins 10-6 behind.
Hopkins was berated online after she wrote on the site about "little sweaty jocks", adding: "Sending us ebola bombs in the form of sweaty Glaswegians just isn't cricket."
Glaswegian trio Baby Strange who are performing at Stockton Calling
"We've also heard of the instinctive courage of ordinary Glaswegians going to assist their fellow citizens in extremity," he said.
Glaswegian band Prides are heading to Newcastle to play a gig ahead of festival dates
Aston Villa are a great club, which is steeped in history and I am looking forward to seeing a man I know very well, fellow Glaswegian Paul Lambert."
"I told her to go away and she wouldn't, so I told her to go away properly in a Glaswegian way.
Will someone come here and see to this f*** c***?" But speaking to Marian Finucane yesterday, he was unreptentant and said: "Yeah, I had a Glaswegian moment, yeah.
There was better to come on Sunday at Longchamp, where Selkirk accounted for the first two home, Glaswegian and Rosanabad, in the Prix de Fontainebleau.
"We have got to take the games one at a time and get as many points as we can." The win over Steven Kean's Blackburn continued David Moyes's excellent record against fellow Glaswegian managers this season.
He said: "I am thrilled that Glasgow has recognised Merlin as a Glaswegian and that, almost 1,400 years after his death, he can take an official place in Glasgow's glorious history."
"Are you being served, pal?" in a broad Glaswegian accent.
Britain's most promising up-and-coming actress was named yesterday (Glaswegian Kate Dickie.