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Synonyms for fiberglass

a covering material made of glass fibers in resins


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Accelerated ageing characteristics of glass-fibre reinforced cement made with new cementitious matrices.
Super-critical carbonation of glass-fibre reinforced cement.
"Agru supplies both solid pipes and HV liner pipes for glass-fibre lamination in PVDF.
Our main experiment examined the effect of adhesive through-reinforcement (two levels) and the effect of glass-fibre reinforcement of adhesive bond lines on different measures of fracture toughness of a model laminated birch wood composite (Figure 1).
They held discussion on investment in joint venture with the local companies in the field of Glass-Fibre reinforced Plastic and fitting.
When they were first overtaken by glass-fibre rods many fishers did not favour the glass rods at all.
It is roofed with a tensile structure of PTFE-coated glass-fibre membrane, incorporating three banana-shaped rooflights.
The dome covers the mall entrance and the cupola (which has a plan area of 2300[m.sup.2]), an ice skating rink and a selection of shops and restaurants Both are formed of PTFE glass-fibre fabric with a durable fluorpolymer based protective layer suitable for the Mexican plateau area, where humidity can reach 90 per cent in the rainy season.