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liberal British statesman who served as prime minister four times (1809-1898)

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These are the stock and trade of commemoration, and will undoubtedly be useful to scholars advancing toward the coherent interpretation of Gladstone's life that has eluded us to this point.
Examples of the former would be Frank Turner's investigation of the complexities of Gladstone's Liberalism, which sees him as a political, but not a cultural radical, and Roland Quinault's exploration of the ambivalences and inconsistencies of Gladstone's attitudes to war, in which he points out that, though Gladstone's policies of financial retrenchment and reform were incompatible with war expenditures, he nevertheless found reasons for pursuing armed conflicts supported by notions of divine retribution, duty, and honour.
Since Gladstone's death in 1898, there have been a considerable number of biographical studies and reinterpretations, historians drawn perhaps by the centrality of his role in shaping late nineteenth-century British politics, the range and depth of his mind and the subtlety of his approach to government.
If Gladstone's political career had ended at this point, as he intended, his name would have been made.
It was Gladstone's view, Mr Binns said, that as many people as possible, regardless of status, should play a part in the government of the The country.
It was Gladstone's conviction that books were the "bonds and rivets of the race" that led him to build and endow St.
From working with his hands on sites as a teenager to business discussions during dinner conversation with his parents, construction has never been far from Gladstone's mind.
As with Shannon's previous two volumes, the narrative drives the book at the expense of sustained analysis and explanation--something that he criticizes Gladstone's other biographers for failing to do.
Gladstone's son tries to turn the business into a discount chain and is revealed to be using sweatshop labor in Thailand.
Jim Gladstone's idea for a backpack-friendly book of portable pen and paper travel games was hatched while waiting for midnight mass at Venice's St.
Consisting of stylized, munchkin-size figures standing atop mounds that suggest islands or coastal rocks, Gladstone's dioramas propose an aesthetic kinship among classical statuary, kitsch decorator objects, and animated adventures.
Deputy Leader Peter Perkins said he had given the proposal the go-ahead because St Monica's was in a state of disrepair and Gladstone's pupil numbers had fallen.
Although Hoppen's narrative begins a quarter century earlier with the repeal of the Corn Laws in 1846, it also concludes much earlier, with the failure of Gladstone's first Home Rule Bill four decades later.
The first election held by Coastal Berry under Gladstone's ownership in July 23, 1998, was boycotted by the UFW in the wake of a riot in a Watsonville field 22 days earlier.
Attlee, on reading Gladstone's proposal of marriage, including a sentence of one hundred and forty words about the Almighty, referred to him as a 'frightful old prig'.