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liberal British statesman who served as prime minister four times (1809-1898)

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It has long been recognized, however, that 'Honest John Morley', rationalist and agnostic, while he fully understood Gladstone's political and public life and work, could never be completely in tune with the Liberal leader's religious beliefs: his inner spiritual life, which constantly affected both his personality and his public policy.
Matthew underrates Gladstone's early Evangelicalism.
Gladstone's remarks were occasioned by British military action in the Khost Valley in south-eastern Afghanistan--the same area where both the Americans and the Royal Marines carried out operations against al-Qaeda earlier this year.
What does Jagger add to the received picture of Gladstone's early religious life?
"Gladstone's family would have used the Wellington Rooms, which were built in 1815 for assemblies, or gatherings, of Liverpool's great and good," says Lord Alton.
After all, Bath and Edinburgh have their showpiece Georgian houses, but their occupants were not public figures, never mind people of Gladstone's stature.
Its public appeal for funds to build `a permanent and handsome building' to house Gladstone's books raised 10,000 [pounds sterling] and on October 14th, 1902, 200 guests witnessed the official opening of the Library by Earl Spencer.
Sir Adolphus Ward, the historian, wrote of Gladstone's scholarship and of his love of classical and Italian literature, "But," continues he, "he could not be called ...
Under the three-year, discovery agreement, Bristol-Myers Squibb will fund Gladstone's research efforts to identify targets that affect Tau dysfunction.
The Deputy Lord Mayor of Liverpool, Councillor Hazel Williams will lead the ceremony at Gladstone's monument in St John's Gardens on Tuesday December 29 2009 at noon.
"When I was a child, most adults in Britain remembered Gladstone as a living person and gradually they disappeared and he has become an historical figure," says Sir William, whose father Charles was Gladstone's second son.
Speculation centred on two aspects of Gladstone's social life.
We now know of course that the myth and the man were not the same, (1) but unraveling the complexities of Gladstone's character will necessarily be a long process.
As part of Gladstone's bicentenary celebrations, Lord Alton welcomed Sir William Gladstone, greatgrandson of the former Liberal leader.
The effect of this constant undercurrent of indulgent criticism is to convey Gladstone's humanity more sympathetically than the more dewy-eyed biographies have done.