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the condition of being covered with glaciers or masses of ice

the process of covering the earth with glaciers or masses of ice

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13]C excursions and their relationship to glaciations, sea-level changes and extinction events.
In it, he indicated that volcanism would continue throughout global glaciation and so CO-2 would build up to enormous levels as there was no mechanism to remove it from the atmosphere.
The geochemical patterns that were observed in these cores were nearly identical to the pattern seen prior to the Marinoan glaciation, which suggests that the alteration of rocks by water, a process known as diagenesis, is the source of the changes seen during that time period.
The result is that we have a really long sequence or archive of sediment that has survived arctic glaciations, and the data it contains is exceptional," he said.
Snowball Earth" is the popular term for glaciations that occurred between approximately 726 and 635 million years ago and are hypothesized to have entombed the planet in ice, explained co-author Susannah Porter, assistant professor of earth science at UCSB.
Divergences within the three clades taken place during the interglacial period between the Penultimate Glaciation and the Last Glaciation.
One possible result of this impact is that the Earth is now too warm to sustain periodic glaciations.
During these glaciations land masses alter and temperature extremes are broad, all with wide-ranging effects upon the world's fauna and flora.
La presence humaine sur son sol correspond a l'epoque des dernieres glaciations en Europe.
The Dalmanitina Member may correspond to the second major glacial episode of the Hirnantian glaciations, which led to a sea level drop, widespread unconformities on the shallow shelf and major extinction of marine fauna in the middle Hirnantian (Bergstrom et al.
Towards the head of the valley the beck runs through a steep sided forested gorge, gouged out by glaciations after the last ice age.
In the 1980s, some researchers put forward the idea that the cool period, which fell between two major glaciations, began when a comet or meteorite struck North America.
Short-term changes (relatively speaking) in sea levels can be attributed to the advancing and melting of polar ice sheets associated with glaciations.
Burgess said that if the greenhouse gas composition of the atmosphere was comparable to current levels then the Earth should have been permanently glaciated but geological evidence suggests there were no global glaciations before the end of the Archean and that liquid water was widespread.