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accumulated earth and stones deposited by a glacier

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Detailed recent groundwater studies in western Ohio suggest similar depths for the most recent glacial drift (Water Division, Dept.
Glacial drift hill prairies have many edaphic, physical, and floristic similarities.
With only sporadic and discontinuous thin veneers of glacial drift, bedrock is exposed over much of the land surface allowing for systematic mapping and examination of well-exposed Archean geological features.
Geological Survey, radioactivity troubling the aquifers in the Illinois River Basin is attributable to glacial drift deposits of uranium, dating from a time long before radium watch dials--as far back instead as the Illinoian and Wisconsinan stages of the Pleistocene Ice Age, which started at least two million years ago.
As the glaciers melted and shrunk between glacial periods, transported material remained in deposits called glacial drift. In the process, they left behind a very distinctive landscape over much of the northern United States and Canada.
An analysis of peatland distribution and specific glacial drift types in Noble County showed that peatlands were significantly more frequent in mixed till and stratified drift in lineated form associated with collapse of sub-ice tunnels and open ice-walled channels.
After hundreds of years of surface prospecting, prospectors and geologists have found many of the 'easy ones.' Exploration for mineral deposits in the future must deal with the daunting task of finding ore bodies in the new frontier, the vast area of rock hidden underneath thick glacial drift. In many areas of Canada where glacial tills are very thick and complex, the exploration for mineral deposits requires a systematic, scientific approach based on the principles of glacial transport elucidated by innovative scientific pioneers like Prest.
Most of Minnesota's lakes were formed from unequal depositing or the collapse of glacial drift. Glacial and post-glacial events - the waxing and waning of several ice sheets - as well as the subsequent uplift of the land help form Lake Superior, the world's largest freshwater lake.
Dinas Dinlle coastal fort is owned by the National Trust and is set on a hill of glacial drift sediments overlooking the sea and Caernarfonshire coastal plain.
Our mapping, guided within a GIS structure, was based largely on terrain, soil, and hydrologic attributes, although we also had access to data on glacial drift thickness, water table depth, bedrock geology and its elevation, various kinds of local relief measures, pre-settlement vegetation and contemporary land use.
Glacial drift hill prairies near Charleston in Coles County contain high densities of Euonymus alatus (burning bush) (Behnke and Ebinger 1989), and field ecologists have observed high densities of Albizia julibrissin (mimosa) in loess hill prairies of Randolph County in southwestern Illinois (Debbie Neumann, personal observation).
The rugged driftless area got its name because of early geologists' inability to find evidence of glacial drift. Though much of the area was indeed covered by glaciers about 500,000 years ago, it was bypassed by subsequent glaciers.
Definitions for and calculation of fetch (F) (or maximum effective length; the shoreline was defined as the point where the surface of organic wetland sediments interfaced with inorganic glacial drift), maximum breadth ([b.sub.m]), shoreline length (L), shoreline development ([D.sub.L]), surface area (A), maximum depth ([Z.sub.m]), mean depth (Z), volume (V), and relative depth ([Z.sub.r]) follow Hutchinson (1975).
Fracture-trace influenced stream orientation in glacial drift, northwestern Pennsylvania.
At the foot of the little cliff there were some nettles growing on glacial drift. I pulled these away, roots and all, and it was immediately obvious from the very strong cold draught coming up through the boulders that we were digging at an old entrance to a large cave system.