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Danish novelist (1857-1919)

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In the last few decades, many SMEs have successfully set up activities beyond their home markets and their role is increasingly crucial in contributing to future growth (Gjellerup, 2000).
Minister for Trade and Industry Pia Gjellerup claimed the survey supported her organization's estimates, which indicated that "domestic shoppers pay a 10% surcharge on food and drink, because of price-fixing and a lack of competition."
The Danish Minister of Industry Pia Gjellerup has inaugurated Lucent Technologies' new USD20m optical fibre manufacturing facility in Brondby, Denmark.
The son of a parson, Gjellerup studied theology, but after coming under the influence of Darwinism and the new radical ideas of the critic Georg Brandes, he thought of himself as an atheist.
Gjellerup (Den) and Hendrik Pontoppidan (Den); 1918, none; 1919, Carl Spitteler (Switz); 1920, Knut Hamsun (Norw); 1921, Anatole France (Fr); 1922, Jacinto Benavente y Martinez (Sp); 1923, William Butler Yeats (Ir); 1924, Wladislaw S.
Thomas Thune Andersen is re-elected as chairman of the board of directors by the general meeting; Lene Skole is re-elected as deputy chairman of the board of directors by the general meeting, while Lynda Armstrong, Pia Gjellerup, Benny D.
Realist writer who shared with Karl Gjellerup the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1917.