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an ancient Egyptian city on the west bank of the Nile opposite Cairo

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Designed in chilly Denmark, the steel Gizeh has a sculptural form and can be used to grill steaks.
Great Pyramid metrology consisted of two distinct but related notions: first, that the Great Pyramid of Egypt at Gizeh was not built as a tomb for the pharaohs but as a storehouse for a divinely-inspired metrological system, and second, that the modern British people, indeed the whole "Anglo-Saxon race," had inherited these same standards, virtually unaltered for thousands of years, as a racial patrimony in their own system of weights and measures.
taken from the past cultures, like the Pyramids of Gizeh in Egypt or Chichen Itza of the Mayan Indians.
Well, the motto of Toblerone is "Toblerone inspires the World." There is an ad for Toblerone in which we see the pyramids of Gizeh with the words "Ancient Tobleronism?" Down at the bottom of the ad, the Toblerone chocolates are arrayed exactly like the pyramids.
The Rais Gizeh outdoor fireplace and grill is made of Cor-Ten steel, which permanently oxidizes and lasts a lifetime outside.
In his salvo of the "battle of the monuments," the royal tombs at Gizeh, and the Thebes sculptures of Amenophis III displayed statues or reliefs of high-ranking figures with African features, while blue-eyed Europeans were the savages.(31)
Anniversaries: 1665: The Dutch were defeated by the English fleet at the Battle of Lowestoft; 1853: Birth of archeologist Sir William Matthew Flinders Petrie, who excavated the Egyptian pyramids and the temples of Gizeh; 1899: W G Grace became the first man to play Test cricket beyond the age of 50; 1924: Death of Austrian writer Franz Kafka; 1937: The Duke of Windsor married Mrs Wallis Simpson; 1956: Third-class travel on British Railways was abolished; 1981: Shergar won the Epsom Derby by a record ten lengths.
We travelled in the pyramid train to Gizeh, along the tree-lined route, importuned by sly grog sellers and an army of mendicants.
Finally, BBA also acquired the outstanding 50% of Gizeh Spuntec Vliesstoffe GmbH from Ferma Gizeh-Werk for DM 6 million.
The reconstruction of a historical point of view, however, is not Mann's project, as is clearly shown in his discussion of the Great Pyramid at Gizeh. Mann does not actually `make any lunatic claims for it' but rather suggests that it has special value because it has attracted so many interpreters, reflecting whatever an individual wishes to find there.
26-27) dealing with half a dozen medieval European travellers in Egypt only as "Latrun"; the work he was using was Jean Antoine Letronne, "Sur le revetement des pyramides de Gizeh .
In this sense, we recall that the Sumerian HAR.SAG or HUR.SAG meant "mountain top," "mountain head," being the (highest and crucially important) mountain abode (in the southern Sinai) of the great Sumerian goddess Ninharsag (the "mother of gods and men," known also as Ninti = "the lady of life"; and as Ninmah = "great lady"; and as Ki = "mother earth"), a place connected in its importance with the Sumerian E.KUR ("mountain house" or "temple like a mountain": e = "house"; kur = "mountain"), which denoted the great pyramid of Gizeh in Egypt (cf.