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Italian nationalist whose writings spurred the movement for a unified and independent Italy (1805-1872)


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Il London Garibaldi Fund, anche con la colla-borazione e l'influenza politica del patriota esule Giuseppe Mazzini, si affermo e fu in grado di raccogliere una ragguardevole somma di fondi e il reclutamento di volontari per la spedizione di Garibaldi.
Written by Giuseppe Mazzini, who was living in exile due to his radical activities, the article began the downward spiral of Leopardi's reputation in England.
13) For Giuseppe Mazzini, for instance, the struggle for a politically unified Italy was conceived as first of all a mission, a common duty to be allocated to both sexes accordingly to their roles in society.
33) Giuseppe Mazzini, "Thoughts addressed to the Poets of the 19th century" in Life and Writings of Joseph Mazzini, 6 vols.
Born in Odessa, he lived for some years as a young man in Italy, and his heroes were the leaders of contemporary Italian nationalism: the ideologue Giuseppe Mazzini and the fighter Giuseppe Garibaldi.
WHEN did Italian revolutionary Giuseppe Mazzini die?
As the Italian nationalist Giuseppe Mazzini assserted, "What is a Country .
A good example is the generous selection by Emilie Ashurst Venturi, Swinburne's fellow supporter of Italian unification and co-worshipper of the Italian revolutionary and patriot Giuseppe Mazzini.
The philosophy of Giuseppe Mazzini, the father of Italian unity, exercised a powerful influence on Welsh thinkers.
As might be expected, the book begins with an examination of the legal vocabulary of slavery (terms such as schiavo, servus, and ancilla), but also explores the personal names given to slaves, indirect sources of the slaves' own words, and the learned and literary stories and reflections traced forward to Giuseppe Mazzini and the Italian Antislavery Society (founded in 1903), even to Gramsci.
Giuseppe Mazzini, when asked in 1849 to lead the new Roman republic, tried to institutionalize British liberties; the republic collapsed after a hundred days.