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a person who is deemed to be despicable or contemptible

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The code's widespread availability on GitHub means that hackers likely already have their hands on it.
To address the gap in research on digital content, we examine the geography of activities in collaborative software development (using the GitHub (4) platform) and the registration of top-level domains.
Earlier, ARK made its source code public on GitHub while the platform is still under development.
Because NPSP is built using an open and flexible data architecture, organizations can create, modify and contribute code on GitHub (https://github.
L'attaque DDoS du vendredi 21 octobre 2016, qui a mis hors service une bonne partie de la toile a l'echelle du globe (Twitter, Spotify, SaneBox, Reddit, Box, Github, Zoho CRM, PayPal, Airbnb, Freshbooks, Wired.
Sprayscape is currently free to download from the Google Play Store with the source code is available via GitHub.
With this question in mind, this article explores bot creation using the rich data, including written and shared bot code, available on GitHub.
I'm going to talk about going one step further and using GitHub for collaboratively working on code and websites.
At its height, Necrobot had 500,000 downloads a day of its files from Github.
Ansible's modular code base, combined with ease of contribution, and a community of contributors in GitHub, enables the powerful IT automation platform to manage today's infrastructure, but also adapt to new IT needs and DevOps workflows.
Aimed at all manner of coders, GitHub fosters a fast, flexible and collaborative development process that lets you work either on your own or with others.
Platforms and concepts such as geographic information systems (GIS), GitHub, open data, human-centered design, and novel uses of social media are the five most important trends in citizen engagement, according to The Future of Citizen Engagement: Five Trends Transforming Government, a report from GovLoop that surveyed 689 public-sector professionals about how they are experimenting with those trends in their organizations.
GitHub is a free, rapidly growing document-sharing site enabled by the version-control system, git.
Mozilla is currently finalizing Firefox for iOS, this can be made up from its Github repository.
Among the best sources for finding accurate statistics related to the use of different programming languages for either developing new applications or for the development background of already available applications are: IEEE (1), TIOBE (2), RedMonk (3) or GitHub (4) for the international level and the public reports of EJobs of HIPO for the Romanian IT recruiting websites.