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a person who is deemed to be despicable or contemptible

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"Firms need to have the ability to monitor both their own use of digital technologies, and their digital footprint even and especially across third party sites like GitHub and others.
The GitHub community is thriving under Microsoft, and not just financially.
To provide deeper feedback on NNEF and its new tools, Khronos encourages interested companies or individuals to share feedback via GitHub or inquire about Khronos membership via the Khronos membership page.
The informant sent a note to Capital One's security hotline email address, informing the company "there appears to be some leaked (Capital One)" data on GitHub.
The GitHub address included a name, Paige Thompson, a former employee who used the online nickname "erratic" and discussed her exploits with others, according to federal prosecutors.
Further, the services in the "discouraged" category include Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Docs, and the cloud version of GitHub. GitHub's addition to the discouraged list has also raised some eyebrows because Microsoft acquired the popular software development hub and community for $7.5 billion last year.
After a deeper evaluation of its five key growth segments - Azure/server products, Commercial office, Gaming, LinkedIn and GitHub - Rangan views 10-15% revenue growth CAGR as sustainable for 5-7 years, he tells investors.
The primary tools are the AsciiDoc markup language and its associated tools, Git for version control, and GitHub for collaboration.
Instructions for implementing this pipeline and examples are available at https://
Typically, this is in the form of GitHub (the largest online Git service, now owned by Microsoft).
The tool, available at GitHub Platform Certificate Validation Tool, requires PKI certificates, including those from third parties.
The DasCoin codebase can be viewed on GitHub and visit DasCoin Explorer to see blocks built in real time.
The author has been recognized by fans to be notorious in taking long breaks from 'Hunter x Hunter,' so much so that a hiatus chart was created and uploaded on Github to illustrate the number of times 'Hunter x Hunter' stopped publication.
SnapLogic has unveiled the dedicated DevOps and automation capabilities, including new integration with GitHub and support for Mesosphere to automate critical elements of continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD).