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a member of the moderate republican party that was in power during the French Revolution

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Like his encounter with the principle of utility and his romance with the Girondists, Mill's engagement with Bentham's atheism proved a deep and abiding experience that would inform his labors for the remainder of his life.
Their ideological fury and aspirations to world-shaping power match the Girondists and Napoleon, but they make quite a show of their disdain for the French.
as his necessity History of the Girondists , enforces.
Marie Roland (executed in 1793 at the end of the play) is the respected leader of a group of Girondists (the political groupings and principal protagonists are all explained in Kord's very detailed and helpful notes).
This differentiation (among race-amalgamation advocates) between racial democracy from-above versus from-below is comparable to the famous distinction between the "farmer" and the "Junker" roads towards capitalist development, or between Jacobinism as the plebeian method of settling accounts with the enemies of the bourgeoisie and Girondists as the elitist mode of accomplishing similar goals (Kossok 1977).
Hawthorne, that is, anticipates the dynamics of the leftward imperative of modem politics, the drive toward ever more radical solutions to social ills and the consequent contempt felt by the more extreme for the less extreme: the Jacobins for the Girondists, the socialist for the liberal, the Marxist for the socialist, the Stalinist for the Trotskyite, the anarchist for them all.