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a Bantu language spoken in the coastal regions of eastern Kenya

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Giriamas are among the largest of the Mijikenda "houses" and inhabit the area bordered by the coastal cities of Mombasa and Malindi, and inland towns of Mariakani and Kaloleni.
It possibly relates to the Giriama people of the Coast Province in Kenya, but I am unable to confirm this.
lThere is a Teeside double for Tony Kimberley as Giriama (Jeremy Hindley) gets the better of Ackabarrow (Eric Collingwood/Steve Woolley) in the juvenile conditions race, and Merry Cindy (Brian Lunness) takes
See correspondence in 1919 to the Chief Native Commissioner from District Commissioners in Kakoneni, Rabai, Nyika and from the Giriama and Kamba elders.
7 Ethnic groups similarly created or consolidated include the Kikuyu and others in central Kenya (Ambler 1988), the Giriama and other Mijikenda groups (Brantley 1981), and the Kalenjin (Ogot 1981, 84).
We can now begin to situate Spear's kaya elders and traders, Cooper's slaves and dock workers and Brantley's Giriama resisters within a Coastal region which no longer looks the historical and historiographical anomaly and backwater that many up-country historians (the reviewer included) have tended to assume that it was.
35) Although I am referring to a different ethnographic setting than McIntosh (2009), who explores the intersection of class and ethnicity among the Kenyan Giriama whereas my article looks at the intersection between religion and ethnicity among the Nigerian Yoruba.
The focus throughout the book is on the Giriama and Swahili ethnic groups.
89-125),the author discusses the current economic discrepancies between the Giriama and the Swahili.
Similarly, refusing to pay taxes, providing labor and forced relocation, the Giriama (35) rebelled in 1914 against British colonialism in Kenya: "The colonial administration had attempted to introduce taxes and to relocate people according to the requirements of the labor market, in order to boost economic conditions along the coast" (Herbert 2003: 219).
35) The Giriama migrated in the 17th century from Somaliland to present-day Kenya and built a fortress called Kaya Fungo in the district of Kilifi South, northwest of Mombasa (Herbert 2003, 219).
Years later, in the 1950's and 1960's, the great Giriama and Mijikenda politician, Ronald Ngala, who lived not far from Rabai, was to distinguish in his political speeches between the Muslims, |traditionalists' (wa hando/koma), and the Wamisheni, a triangular relationship which is of vital importance today also.
2004) 'Reluctant Muslims: embodied hegemony and moral resistance in a Giriama spirit possession complex', Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute 10: 91-112.
She argues that linguistic choices in text messaging speak of Giriama attempts at redefining themselves in a way that collapses the boundaries between the local and the global.
Giriama subordination and Swahili authority both have their origins, McIntosh claims, in the two ethnic groups' contrasting models of 'personhood'.