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Il volume (La"mirabile" natura: Magia e scienza in Giovan Battista della Porta (1615-2015), Atti del convegno internazionale, Napoli/Vico Equense, Italia, 13-17 ottobre 2015, a cura di M Santoro, Pisa-Roma: Serra, 2016 (Istituto Nazionale di Studi sul Rinascimento Meridionale, Atti 7), 369 pagine) si apre con un riepilogo puntuale e dettagliato, a firma del curatore, della bibliografia relativa alla poliedrica figura di Della Porta, del quale viene anche fornito l'ultimo aggiornamento della pubblicazione delle opere nell'edizione nazionale per i tipi delle Edizioni Scientifiche Italiane di Napoli.
E questo un volume che dovra necessariamente aver presente chiunque voglia confrontarsi con Giovan Battista Della Porta e col suo mondo magico, scientifico e letterario.
The lead, Florinda, was played by Virginia Ramponi Andreini, wife of Giovan Battista and a renowned singer and actress in her own right, while her onstage lovers, Lidia and the (male) hermaphrodite, Eugenio, were both played by her husband's real-life lover, Virginia Rotari.
Giovan Battista Pellegrini points out that the etymology of the Arabic name Nafisa would have conveyed preciousness, desirability, and by extension more prurient meanings (251-52).
By the time Henke arrives to the last capocomico/actor of his study, Giovan Battista Andreini, the Commedia dell'Arte has fully blossomed: disruptive figures, such as the buffoon, have been successfully reined in, earnest defenses of the actors' roles and of reasons to stage plays have been published to respond to moralistic tracts, and Commedia dell'Arte actors were sought everywhere, particularly in France.
Founded by one of the great 'cultural middlemen' of the Seicento, Giovan Battista Manso, the Oziosi rapidly attracted wealthy aristocratic amateurs as well as the (self-proclaimed) cream of Neapolitan letterati: clerics, civil servants, lawyers, academics, and lesser nobles, all to some degree dependent on those aristocrats.
The notoriously snobbish Giovan Battista Doni famously claimed that Frescobaldi's knowledge lay just in the tips of his fingers a typical prejudice against mere instrumentalists and even that he needed to ask his wife the meaning of unusual Italian words.
Nella commedia Amor nello specchio (1622), lo scrittore e attore professionista Giovan Battista Andreini riflette sulle problematiche relazionate al teatro considerato, da una parte nella sua formulazione generica (teatro corne genere letterario), dall'altra nelle sue implicazioni sociali (teatro corne spazio sociale).
Roberto Cuppone analyzes a baroque metatheatrical play by Isabella's illustrious son, Giovan Battista Andreini: Le due comedie in comedia, a vertiginous re-elaboration of pre-existing canovacci that offers not one but two plays-within-a-play, one performed by dilettantes, the other by professionals, and both of which transgress their fictional confines to enter the "reality" of their dramatic frame, finally drawing even spectators into the spectacle.
He covers an ancient myth revisited: Adonis as citrus tree, Adonis and the Renaissance idyll, Adonis in 16th-century mythography, Giovan Battista Marino's Adone (i) from pastoral to epic poem, Giovan Battista Marino's Adone (ii): the king's poem, and the 17th-century aftermath.
Gli autori studiati sono dunque quelli centrali per la tradizione: Dante, Petrarca, Boccaccio, Poliziano, Giordano Bruno e Giovan Battista Marino.
1)--another version exists in the Cassa di Risparmio, Pistoia--and a newly discovered late-Mannerist work by Giovan Battista Naldini, The Resurrection of the Widow's Son at Nain.
II Sanmarino: Giovan Battista Belliuzzi architetto militare e trattatista del Cinquecento.
In what might appear to be a final victory for the literary arts over the oral, he briefly mentions the accomplishments of Giovan Battista Andreini who left eighteen fully scripted plays.