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Handbook of Coniferae and Ginkgoaceae. Fourth edition (revised by S.G.
Leaves fan-shaped and deciduous; venation dichotomous (forking) Ginkgoaceae
Family Name (Latin and Common): Ginkgoaceae, the Ginkgo family
(Ginkgoaceae) were abundant in the Northern Hemisphere and podocarps (Podocarpus, Podocarpaceae) were abundant in the Southern Hemisphere.
(Family: Ginkgoaceae) is a traditional herb in China, which has been used in some areas of the world, showing high physiological activities in therapies for inflammations, vascular and cardiac diseases and cancers (Puebla-PACopyrightrez et al., 2003; Ye et al., 2007; Sochocka et al., 2010; Chen et al., 2011).
29 Apr 1996.--Type: Ginkgo L.; Ginkgoaceae Engl., 1897.
(Ginkgoaceae) leaves (GBE) is one of the most popular herbal medicines with multiple pharmacological activities.