Ginkgo biloba

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deciduous dioecious Chinese tree having fan-shaped leaves and fleshy yellow seeds

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Studies on the effects of different treatments on flavonoids contents in Ginkgo biloba leaves and their regulating mechanism.
Effect of Ginkgo biloba Leaves extract on Fasting serum glucose, Creatinine, Urea, AST, ALT, anti-oxidative stress (CAT and MDA) and serum lipid profile (TC, VLDL-C, LDL-C, HDL-C, TG and VLDL-TG) in non-diabetic (CG), diabetic Group(DG) and diabetic + Ginkgo biloba treated group (D+GBE) at week 14 in rats (n=8).
Supplement manufacturers claim that ginkgo biloba extract can improve memory, and research has shown that taking ginkgo can increase blood flow to the brain.
Ginkgo biloba does raise certain concerns, however.
Mix JA, Crews WD Jr: An examination of the efficacy of Ginkgo biloba extract EGb761 on the neuropsychologic functioning of cognitively intact older adults.
Citation: "A ginkgo biloba extract promotes proliferation of endogenous neural stem cells in vascular dementia rats"; Wang J W et al.
6) has found that the herbal supplement ginkgo biloba won't prevent or delay Alzheimer's disease (AD).
After five years, 4% of the people taking ginkgo biloba showed signs of Alzheimer's disease, a s compared to 5% in the placebo group - a difference of only 12 people, and not a statistically significant result.
Objectives: To assess the efficacy of the Ginkgo biloba in patients with dementia of the Alzheimer type in slowing down the disease\'s degenerative progression and the patients\' cognitive impairment compared with rivastigmine.
Effective methods of CAM include altering one's diet, and utilizing herbal supplements such as Cramp Bark, Ginkgo biloba, and Chaste Tree extract.
Specific memory effects of Ginkgo biloba extract EGb 761 in middle-aged healthy volunteers.
M2 PHARMA-November 8, 2011-Afssaps adopts negative opinion on Ginkgo biloba extracts drugs(C)2011 M2 COMMUNICATIONS
Ginkgo biloba (ginkgo) is a deciduous maidenhair tree that has survived unchanged from the Triassic period (Mills 2000, Oken 1998).
The strongest evidence, other than that for caffeine, suggests effects of Ginkgo biloba on certain aspects of mood and attention in healthy subjects, as well as associations between omega 3 PUFA and reduced risk of age-related cognitive decline.