Ginglymostoma cirratum

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small bottom-dwelling shark of warm shallow waters on both coasts of North America and South America and from southeast Asia to Australia

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However, for 2 sites, 2 nurse sharks (Ginglymostoma cirratum) were seen at the same time in a single video frame, and 2 Atlantic sharpnose sharks (Rhizoprionodon terraenovae) were seen in a single video frame from another site.
Fernando de Noronha as an insular nursery area for lemon sharks, Negaprion brevirostris, and nurse sharks, Ginglymostoma cirratum, in the equatorial western Atlantic Ocean, Marine Biodiversity Records 2: 1-4, 2009.
The fused clasper groove (FCG) or clasper tube (CT) has been described previously for only two species of sharks, both benthic: Ginglymostoma cirratum by Clark & von Schmidt (1965) and Halaelurus clevai by Seret (1987).
tiburon Orthopristis chrysoptera armado Chriodorus atherinoides pejerey Epinephelus ^tajara cherna Ariopsis felis bagre Ginglymostoma cirratum tiburon gata Caretta caretta tortuga Stenella spp.
Ginglymostoma cirratum (tiburon nodriza / nurse shark): es de color amarillo quemado o marron y su piel se utiliza en la fabricacion de lijas.
In rare instances a nurse shark (Ginglymostoma cirratum) or a great white shark has bitten a human and held on, so it had to be pried loose with a tool.
Recent studies described the mandibular musculature of Negaprion brevirostris and Ginglymostoma cirratum as m.
In addition, a few small fish apparently escaped from cages, and several cages containing medium fish were flipped over or lifted off the bottom by mating nurse sharks (Ginglymostoma cirratum) at site B3 (Fig.
Abstract--We developed an alternative capture-and-release method for sharks using a simple poker-and-hook tool for divers to quickly capture nurse sharks (Ginglymostoma cirratum) entering the intake canal of a nuclear power plant in Florida.
The successful use of diving weapons and spear guns for external tagging of large elasmobranches, for instance, has been reported in various studies with nurse sharks (Ginglymostoma cirratum), manta rays (Manta birostris) and whale sharks (Rhincodon typus) (Pratt & Carrier, 2001; Wilson et al., 2006; Dewar et al., 2008).
Necrophagy of a nurse shark (Ginglymostoma cirratum) by tiger sharks (Galeocerdo cuvier)
(2007) encontraron que la temperatura del agua predice la probabilidad de capturar algunas especies de tiburones (Ginglymostoma cirratum, Sphyrna mokarran, Negaprion brevirostris y Carcharhinus limbatus) en los cayos de la Florida.
zygaena Linneus, 1758), and the nurse shark (Ginglymostoma cirratum Bonnaterre, 1788).
Otras especies observadas en la misma categoria EN como Balistes vetula, en categoria VU (Vulnerable) como Ginglymostoma cirratum y NT (casi amenazada) como Lutjanus analis con la presencia de un solo individuo, se observaron principalmente en los bajos externos.
Removed or damaged placoid scales of nurse (Ginglymostoma cirratum) and leopard (Triakis semifasciata) sharks have been shown to be rapidly replaced (Reif 1978), possibly because of their vital function in protecting the fish against the external environment (Quilhac et al.