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United States painter best known for his portraits of George Washington (1755-1828)

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Painted by Gilbert Stuart, the historic work was passed through the Barry family before being sold to a private collector in 1986.
Today, we invite all schools and libraries to apply for this collection--that means public, private, parochial, and charter schools, home school consortia, and community libraries," the First Lady said in the East Room, home to a portrait by one of the artists in the series: Gilbert Stuart.
Rosenthal, and a series of Gilbert Stuart portraits of the first five American presidents, donated by Dr.
This site allows middle and high school students to explore the Lansdowne portrait of George Washington, painted by Gilbert Stuart, from three different vantage points: the symbolic, the biographic, and the artistic.
How do a Picasso, a Gilbert Stuart, a Rembrandt, a contemporary performance-art piece and an eighth-century Chinese sculpture manage to share the same exhibition?
As I write, a Gilbert Stuart portrait of George Washington in the collection of the New York Public library--the painting known as the "Constable-Hamilton Portrait"--is expected to be sold in a Sotheby's auction.
The exhibit includes portraits from the early 18th and 19th centuries, as well as American landscapes and genre subjects from the mid-19th century, by major figures such as Albert Bierstadt, Childe Hassam, Winslow Homer, John Singleton Copley, Gilbert Stuart and John Singer Sargent.
So it was with Gilbert Stuart, the famed portraitist who captured both the body and soul of many Founding Fathers.
Its tragic drift is bookended by a pair of GWs: Bush, recognizably smug even in a few blotches of oil paint, and Washington, a la Gilbert Stuart but mortally disappointed.
Historic: Featuring a tribute to Founding Father Thomas Jefferson painted by artist Gilbert Stuart in the 1800's.
After the shoveling was complete, the school had two each of the Walden Woods Red Maple, Betsy Ross Sycamore, Gilbert Stuart Flowering Dogwood, Pearl S.
The poster is a color, museum quality reproduction of the "Landsdowne" portrait of George Washington by Gilbert Stuart.
In July 1780, West warmly received Trumbull, who joined company with fellow New England-born artist Gilbert Stuart, also in London studying with West.
in October, will include designs inspired by the well-known Landsdowne portrait of Washington by Gilbert Stuart and a Wilton carpet based on the one commissioned by Washington for his presidential home in Philadelphia around 1791.
The author seems to write from within an encyclopedic understanding of every nook and corner of American cultural life in the time of Jefferson: Ossian, Patrick Henry, Gilbert Stuart, Susanna Rowson.