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a group of islands in Micronesia to the southwest of Hawaii

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But Karnauskas zoomed in on the Gilbert Islands, part of the nation of Kiribati.
Dengue in US service members during World War II * Attack Location Dates rate, % North Territory and 1942 Mar-May 80 Queensland, Australia 1943 Jan-Mar ND Rockhampton/Brisbane, Australia Espiritu Santo, archipelago 1943 Feb-Aug 25 of New Hebrides (now Vanuatu) New Caledonia 1943 Jan-Aug ND 1943 Jan-Aug ND Hawaii 1943 ND Gilbert Islands 1944 ND New Guinea 1944 Jan-Dec ND 1945 Jan-Aug ND Philippines ([dagger]) 1944 Nov-Dec ND 1945 Jan-Dec ND Saipan, Mariana Islands 1944 Jul-Sep ND China-Burma-India 1943 ND 1944 ND 1945 ND Okinawa, Japan 1945 Apr-Aug ND Hankow, China 1945 Sep 83 Maximum no.
Approximately 90% of the population of Kiribati lives on the atolls of the Gilbert Islands. Although the Line Islands are about 2,000 miles east of the Gilbert Islands, most inhabitants of the Line Islands are also Gilbertese.
Every time Spruance commanded an operation against the Japanese they lost: Midway where the Japanese lost four fleet carriers in June 1942 and were thrust permanently on the defensive; the amphibious assault on the Gilbert Islands in November 1943 (Tarawa); and the amphibious assault on the Marshall Islands in May 1944, including an air assault on Truk.
24 that year along with more than 600 shipmates when an enemy torpedo sank the ship during the invasion of the Gilbert Islands. His body was lost at sea.
Her lecture, "Challenges to Dance: Choreographing History in Oceania", examines the interactions and tensions between indigenous peoples and Protestant missionaries in the Gilbert Islands caused by missionary attempts to ban traditional dancing.
Although the colonel did not fight in the Tarawa Atoll in the Gilbert Islands, he saw ample combat in Vietnam with amphibious assault tactics that proved so vital to Tarawa's costly capture and provided lessons for later battles such as Io Jima.
He also compiled a very useful chronology about the air war over Europe and North Africa titled "Air War Europa 1942-1945." Here he pens a terse and telling commentary for some 300 photos of the 2nd Marine Division's landing and three day battle for Betio Island in the Tarawa Atoll in the northwest Gilbert Islands at a loss of some 3,000 casualties in November 1943.
Members of the Catholic faith were concentrated in the northern islands of the Gilbert Islands group, while Protestants were the majority in the southern Gilbert Islands.
Kim died in Gilbert Islands in the Pacific Ocean in 1943 while doing construction work, the group said.
The Navy has named its newest amphibious assault ship Makin Island, honoring the Marine Corps raid on Japanese-held Makin Island in the Gilbert Islands in August 1942.
The Gilbert Islands, where Kiribati is located, were granted self-rule by Britain in 1971 and the tiny nation achieved its independence in 1979, changing its name to Kiribati.
John also recalls how during the last war, the Gilbert Islands were occupied by the Japanese, while their close neighbours the Ellice Islands were by-passed.
Later this month Jason Lewis, aged 32, will begin to pedal the 26ft wooden torpedo-shaped Moksha from Tarawa in the Gilbert Islands the 1,200 miles to the Solomon Islands, en route to Australia.
I deduced that Davidson was a missionary in the Gilbert Islands from the information given in the story: the Davidsons' islands were of low coral, widely separated, ten days' journey north of Samoa.