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United States anatomist who identified four pituitary hormones and discovered vitamin E (1882-1971)

British archaeologist who excavated the palace of Knossos in Crete to find what he called Minoan civilization (1851-1941)

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"Blue Moods: Conversations behind a Chinese Laundry" introduces us to Gil Evans, who, after an unsuccessful career in California as a bandleader, became a successful arranger, first with the Claude Thornhill band, and later for some of Miles Davis's most successful albums (including Porgy and Bess, recorded just before Kind of Blue).
And a Welshman's whistle originally used by Swansea referee Gil Evans in England's first game against New Zealand in 1905 was blown to start the game, as it has been in every World Cup opening fixture.
"Far out," he said, nodding rhythmically to the Gil Evans album he was playing for us as mood music.
A guest on records by Sting, George Michael and Carmel, Guy has also featured in the bands of jazz greats Quincy Jones, Gil Evans and Clark Terry.
Shorter created a series of works that completely integrated his quartet with the orchestra, works that reminded this listener at least of trumpeter Miles Davis's collaboration with composer/ orchestrator Gil Evans in the 1950s (Shorter would play with Davis later in his career).
But without such talents, would we be able to enjoy a Gil Evans arrangement of a Miles Davis tune, for example?
Why did you call the album - out on May 15 - after jazz legends Miles Davis and Gil Evans?
AFTER working with jazz giant Miles Davis and composer Gil Evans, conductor Joe Muccioli is set to bring their music to Birmingham's Symphony Hall.
"Bitter Happiness," featuring former Gil Evans trumpeter Leif Arntzen, is a jazzy elegy to our ravaged environment: Something odd blows in the breeze, Poison waves the eye can't see, Permeating every tree, Apple blossoms without bees.
His two principal labels, Columbia and Warner Bros., have collated his work with saxophonist John Coltrane and arranger Gil Evans. More sumptuous is the boxed set of his appearances at the Montreux Jazz Festival between 1973 and 1991, twenty CDs and well over twenty hours of music.
He has always performed in the company of other musicians in the past and we are used to hearing his contributions to the work of bands like Carla Bley, George Eussell and Gil Evans.
"They are Miles Ahead, the first collaboration between [jazz trumpeter] Miles Davis and [orchestrator, composer] Gil Evans and Blow by Blow, by [guitarist] Jeff Beck.