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Synonyms for jihad

a holy war waged by Muslims against infidels

a holy struggle or striving by a Muslim for a moral or spiritual or political goal


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Llegados a este punto, nos vemos en la obligation de ofrecer dos puntualizaciones para evitar errores de asignacion de caracteristicas, y es que si convendria separar un estilo denominado fiction cientifica militar de nuestro tipo de opera espacial, pues los heroes de la primera se asemejan a los de la epica de cruzada, que como ya mencionamos anteriormente, establece una oposicion clara entre el bien (mi religion) y el mal (la religion del otro), que tiene como temas fundamentales la gihad o guerra santa, y la cruzada, y donde habria que anadir la consiguiente trasposicion de los elementos religiosos por patrioticos y/o planetarios.
"The one who was killed, our brother Gihad, was a young man, recently married with a young child."
(8) See Paolo Dall'Oglio, "Massignon and gihad in the Light of de Foucauld, al-Hallag, and Gandhi," in John Donohue and Christian Troll, eds., Faith, Power, and Violence: Muslims and Christians in a Plural Society, Past and Present, Orientalia Christiana Analecta 258 (Rome: Pontificio Istituto Orientale, 1998), pp.
Relatively new to the space is Lowe's, which launched its Spanish site in August 2011 in response to the evolving needs of its Spanish-speaking customer base, Gihad Jawhar, vice president of Lowes.com, explained.
Colonel Gihad Sahoo, Director of the department, said the team formed to investigate the alert managed to arrest the suspect when he had some Tramadol pills with him.
Oltre la crociata e il gihad: tolleraza e servicio umanitario, Vatican City, 2000, pp.
"The smooth passing of this period of the president's absence without any kind of a power struggle within Egypt is proof of the political stability of the country and its government," said Gihad Oudah, a member of the NDP's policy committee headed by Jamal Mubarak.
--Israeli group been offering $10,000 to Palestinians who would give away information on captured soldier Gihad Shalit's whereabouts.
Gihad Ouda, MP for the ruling National Democratic Party (NDP), accused the banned Muslim Brotherhood -- a Sunni group -- of helping to distribute the money and co-operating with Hezbollah in Egypt, the London-based Asharq al-Awsat reported.
"I feel a big responsibility on my shoulders, because now I'm a walking representative of Islam," says 22-year-old spoken-word poet Gihad Ali, who began veiling nearly two years ago after her mother died.
"I never knew how American I was until 9/11," said Gihad Ali, a 20-year-old poet and DePaul University sophomore.
A police radio scanner and maps of the region of death were found in the van along with a sign reading "Gihad in America".
A tarot card was also found and a sign on the dashboard read "Gihad in America".
Initially, some Gihad leaders were opposed to killing police officers, calling it counterproductive and un-Islamic.